Sunday, January 6, 2013

Alpina Revive Greek Yogurt is Fitness Mag Award Winner

I was introduced to Alpina yogurts a few months ago at a fun blog conference I attended in New York City.  I couldn't believe how yummy they tasted and I was impressed that the Alpina Greek yogurt had a lot less sugar than the leading brands. If you are always watching the extra sugar and calories like me, that is important.  Now they have even more flavors with the additions of  Vanilla Bean with Chai Spice GranolaStrawberry with Almond Berry Granola, and Peach with Tropical Chia Granola.  They are all yummy!  

I was excited but not surprised to hear that Alpina Revive Greek yogurt is featured in the January 2013 issue of Fitness magazine as a Healthy Food Award winner (page 90)! Fitness noted that Alpina Greek yogurt has two-thirds less sugar than most of the yogurts they tested, plus 17 grams of protein.  I was smiling to myself when I read that a  Fitness staffer even said the granola is so delicious that she would “buy the bag if it was sold separately". It sounds like something I would say....I love add ins. 

Alpina Revive is authentically strained Greek yogurt paired with artisan-crafted granolas created by health and wellness chef Laurie Erickson.  The Greek yogurt base contains skim milk and live, active cultures, paired with fruit or syrups made with all-natural ingredients.  Alpina Revive is now available in seven flavors: vanilla bean, strawberry, peach, blueberry, honey, mango, and plain.

You can also visit Alpina online and check out their fancy new re-designed website  and find their store locator and yogurt product details. Alpina Revive Greek yogurts are now available in a wide variety of retailers, including; Delhaize group stores, Hannaford and Sweetbay; Northeast retailers Tops Friendly Markets, Gristedes, Morton Williams, and Duane Reade;  in the Midwest at Hiller’s in the Detroit area, Shop & Save in the Chicago area, and The Andersons in Columbus; and in select Walgreens in Miami, FL.  Just a heads up, the Vanilla Bean and Strawberry flavors will be introduced in newly designed, contemporary packaging and will be available in stores in January, 2012, with Peach becoming available at the end of March.

Check them out and let me know what you think!

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