Tuesday, January 15, 2013

EBATES - Save Money When You Are Shopping Online Painlessly

 If you haven’t checked out Ebates yet and you shop online even a little bit you are missing out on some great promotions and real cash back sent right to you with no catches, tricks or issues. Ebates is an online website that gives you cash back ranging from 1.5%-30% or more for shopping at, your fave stores including Amazon, Ebay, Kohls, Land's End, Verizon, Orbitz, Saks 5th Avenue, Staples, JC Penney, Lowes, Macy's, Justice and many more. Ebates is adding new stores all the time!

The often have big promotions offering double cash back at a great selection of stores including Omaha Steaks, Shari’s Berries, and Entertainment.com. You can receive up to 35.0% Cash Back on Entertainment books too! You can't beat that.

If you haven’t joined yet what are you waiting for? They even give you $5 just for joining.  Click the link here to Ebates and check out all the great online stores that are offering double cash back.

I always used to think that online shopping was totally overrated, I mean I couldn't touch or feel the fabrics or try on the shoes when shopping online or even see how big that gorgeous looking piece of furniture really was. Then my crafty little mind figured out four key things:

  • It is way easier to shop from home between working and children.  
  • I can actually get great deals shopping online..in my pajamas or in my yoga pants.  

  • Free shipping almost all the time too!

  • No shoving huge items in the car with the kids and dragging them into the house. They just appear at my door. No work involved!

You go to their site, sign up with Ebates, find your favorite retailer and shop. They even have coupons for free shipping and and other deals too.  Ebates takes you directly to the site, say Old Navy, that you were going to visit anyway.  Except when you are done? You will have a percentage in cash back waiting in your Ebates account. They cut you a big fat check quarterly and stick it in the mail, or even deposit in your Paypal account. Whatever you like. 

I have gotten as high as THIRTY PERCENT in cash back from purchases I was going to make anyway. There are more than one THOUSAND retailers and online merchants, even Ebay, linked through their site. Love those coupon codes too!
Shopping for less + cash back = more shopping money maker and time saver for us all!  Check out Ebates and let me know how it works for you!

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