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"It's Not Your Fault" a new book By Steve Shenk Giveaway & Review

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Can you believe someone telling you right out, "It's Not Your Fault?"  Neither could I!  I just finished reading a compelling new book and self discovery primer by a fascinating man named Steve Shenk. It's Not Your Fault and I Can Prove It  is totally different than any other book you have ever read.  Some of the ideas are very simple, others make you think on them for a while.  All of them are useful in helping you to get to a better place in life.

Steve Shenk met hundreds of people who shared their struggles and triumphs over the years as an executive in the storable food industry. Through numerous heartfelt conversations, he came to understand more deeply about the human experience. Steve realized that our capacity to learn and grow after our basic needs were met was much larger than many of us realize. Steve Shenk's new book, It's Not Your Fault, is going to be released February 22, 2013.  

Steve looks at our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves as individual parts of our individual makeup.  He shows us how to grow and strengthen ourselves and reach our goals through focus.  We are introduced early on to The Guardian. The Guardian meets with Michael who has many of the qualities (good and bad) that we all have. Michael  is ready to make changes in his life.  The Guardian shares with us the secrets  to removing the shackles that we have placed ourselves in. It is something that everyone can do when they are ready to do it.  The Guardian  teaches us to stop blaming ourselves and others because it truly accomplishes nothing in our lives. The Guardian shares all the secrets of success, prosperity and a truly wonderful life.

We all at some point in our lives focus on things that cause us to have anxiety, stress, depression, fear, misery and pain.  The Guardian shows us how we can rid ourselves of these feelings and fears and release ourselves from pain and misery. He guides us and steers us in the right direction so we can rediscover the good stuff already inside us like love, happiness, belonging, perfect peace and the success that naturally emanates along with them. Who wouldn't want to do this?  

Steve Shenk, through The Guardian takes you through the process of understanding that your life is like a perfectly clean and organized home that just has some clutter in it....clutter that you chose to put in there and you can choose to take it right out and make it neat and tidy again.  Now, not real clutter mind you, but a bunch of mental clutter.  He shows you how to get rid of all that blaming so you can get moving in life.  The Guardian shows you how to stop being a victim and release the past.  We have all made mistakes, The Guardian shows you how to let it go.  You learn that you have the power within you to choose a better path and it is not hard to do!

The Guardian introduces us to The Four Universal Laws:
  1. The Law of Me-taking responsibility for everything that happens to you
  2. Agency-your own choices, your own freedom of choice, your own little business that is YOU
  3. The Law of Justice-recognizing what you have control over and letting the rest go bye-bye
  4. The Law of Creation-if you believe it, you can achieve it. Thoughts become THINGS.

 The book is a fascinating and powerful read that you can use to make positive changes in your life. I have already starting working on the accompanying My Book of Life, a journal of sorts to help propel you forward each day in a positive way!  You can learn more about Steve Shenk and It's Not Your Fault and I Can Prove It 
on his website.  Enter below to win your own copy of his book in my rafflecopter giveaway.

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Disclosure: I received this book to review as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. As always, all opinions are my own.

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I am interested because I am the type of person who blames myself for everything