Saturday, March 30, 2013

#Woolitewashed In Home Boutique Party #wooliteer

I was recently invited to host a Woolite Washed In Home Boutique Clothing Swap & Sampling party through my membership with Crowdtap. I love Woolite and have used it for years so I knew it would be easy and natural for me to introduce friends and family to the great laundry products that Woolite has. I recently started using both the Woolite Everyday and Woolite Dark formulas so I was able to share my personal experiences.  Woolite made it easy for me to share too by providing me with free samples for each guest that included a coupon as well on their next purchase.

I emailed and texted a bunch of my friends an invite to gather up some of their beautiful dresses, pants, skirts, shorts and other clothing items that are gorgeous but just never worked for them personally and to come to my house for a Woolite Clothing Swap.  I asked for each person to bring at least four items to trade or swap.  We were going to have a fun clothing swap courtesy of Woolite and we did it this past weekend.
I picked up a few bottles of nice wine and some luxe chocolates from a beautiful store in my area....2 Chicks With Chocolate.  Aren't the chocolates just gorgeous??  I made a few appetizers but tried to keep it simple with finger foods. I love some of the fun items they have at Trader Joes like the wontons and Thai Chicken. Fun and easy for the hostess!!
I set up a portable clothing rack and let everyone hang up their pieces (I set up a bunch of hangers for the ladies that needed them) It was fun because everyone brought different styles and seasons so it added a lot of variety.  We all found a few cute items to trade and everyone was thrilled.  It was nice to be able to have Julie be able to enjoy that beautiful dress that I bought last year that I wore once on my cruise...yay!

I shared with the girls that I have started to use Woolite Darks for jeans to really preserve them better.  It kills me to pay $90+ for jeans but they fit so well.  By using Woolite, it keeps them nicer, with less fading and better color so it reduces that guilty feeling, you know what I mean?  I really feel like the Woolite protects my jeans...they even stay softer. Don't you hate when jeans get crunchy? Not with Woolite.  The girls couldn't believe how great my black jeans looked....told them I just wash in Woolite and they stay nice and dark.

Woolite Everyday formula works great for everything else and I am not just talking about bathing suits.  I find my clothes look and feel better when I wash them in Woolite versus regular detergents.   All the ladies were excited to go home with some great new items plus a free sample of Woolite with a coupon.

Crowdtap has some great opportunities like this and more. You can join yourself and learn more here.  You can get more tips from Woolite on their website or through their Facebook page.  You can tweet to Woolite as well, they are on Twitter too!  You can see what they have pinned on Pinterest as well and follow their boards.  Share some of your ideas on fashion and washing with Woolite if you get a chance.

Disclaimer:  I received free samples of Woolite through Crowdtap. I was also provided with a giftcard towards party supplies.  As always, my opinion is my own.

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