Monday, April 22, 2013

Cottonelle Clean Care Routine Sampling Review through #Crowdtap

Disclosure: I received Cottonelle products pictured above complimentary in order to provide my own unbiased review and share with my friends. As always, the opinions here are my own. 

The large pack and one of the tubs was for my own use. The others were meant to be share with friends.  My lucky recipients were Tammie and Stacie.  They were both so excited to receive my gift.  They had used wipes before but had not tried Cottonelle before. They each have two young children and reported back to me that the kids were raving about the gentle Cottonelle tissue and wipes.  Tammie said that her son Trevor told her he liked my Cottonelle wipes and Cottonelle Clean Care tissue better than Tammie's because it was softer.  She said, "I will have to make the switch or Trevor will keep making me nuts about it."  She agreed that it was much softer than her no-name brand.  Stacey pretty much said the same thing. Her children thought Cottonelle was much softer and gentler than her tissue and they loved the wipes.
I was already pretty familiar with the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper since that is what I usually buy at ShopRite. My hubby and little one were so happy to see the wipes in the house and my little one asked me to buy them more often. She said they felt really soft and nice.  We pretty much agreed that Cottonelle is the best toilet tissue out there. It is reasonably priced and cleans really well. This is a serious matter. Everyone needs to use toilet paper and we all want to be as clean as we can be.  The Cottonelle wipes help you feel cleaner and fresher and they are 100% flushable. The scent is very light and almost undetectable too...just clean.

We will be keeping a tub of Cottonelle Fresh Care wipes on hand and I will plan on buying Cottonelle Clean Care since I loved it anyway. It is often on sale at ShopRite so look for the sales at your own local stores and just stock up!

If you would like to have the opportunity to sample and share many other brands you can sign up for Crowdtap yourself.  I’ve been a member of for a while now and there are always great opportunties.

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