Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gaiam TV Moms Meet Group Checks it out #momstrygaiamtv

Disclosure: I received a free 10 day trial of GaiamTV complementary through MomsMeet. I also received a $20 voucher to use at Gaiam.com As always, my opinions are my own.
Are you looking for lasting change in your life’s direction?  Perhaps a a glimpse into your true identity or a path to whole body wellness?  Gaiam TV is a new way to find some of those peaceful options right at home. Gaiam TV offers thousands of exclusive,
transformational videos you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll explore unlimited opportunities for transformation through yoga, fitness and nutrition, inspiring films and
documentaries, and provocative, groundbreaking content.  Now you have an easy way to see the world through new eyes with Gaiam TV in the comfort of your own home.

My mom group recently was able to explore the offerings from Gaiam TV at my home when we got together last week.  The ladies were impressed with the exclusive interviews from top wellness experts, spirituality growth videos and inspiring films.  I decided it would be fun to do a fitness class together so I had everyone dress comfortably.  Everyone was at a different fitness level but we all had fun.  I picked something very doable for everyone and it worked out perfectly.  There were alot of options for fitness from easy to very challenging too. 

The moms were surprised at the variety of options for programs.  There was programming they thought the whole family would enjoy—even the kiddos and hubbies!  Ellen saw an inspiring film listed that she thought her husband would really like.  I saw several documentaries that I know would get my husband to watch with me too. The great part is that the Gaiam TV service is accessible through your computer, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Sony Blu Ray Player and Roku Streaming Player. Gaiam TV costs only $9.95 a month.  You are not locked into any contracts or obligations either.

Gaiam TV features three pillars:

Live Healthy: Whether you want a heart-pumping fitness video, a relaxing
yoga video, or the latest health news, Gaiam TV offers access to thousands of
streaming videos and aims to help you be your best, inside and out.

Spiritual Growth: Their vast library of spiritual growth videos brings you
presentations from top spiritual leaders, inspiring family-friendly films, and
sacred journeys to the far corners of the universe.

Seeking Truth: See the world through new eyes with exclusive access to
programs on provocative topics and original shows with visionary hosts that you
won’t find anywhere else.

Gaiam TV is available at GaiamTV.com/MomsMeet.You can find out more at GaiamTV.  You can also follow Gaiam on their website. Don't forget to follow Gaiam on Facebook and Twitter too to get the inside scoop.

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