Thursday, August 8, 2013

Worry about your kids? Get a ChildProtect By DNA Profile Plus Discount Code! Safety First For Children

Disclaimer: I received a ChildProtect By DNA Test through US Family. As always, my opinions are my own.
I was quite interested when I heard about an opportunity for a CHILDPROTECT BY DNA TEST for my own child. Safety is always on my mind and I feel like I am a vigilant mom, but I always want more peace of mind.  ChildProtect by DNA lets you be on the forefront of a new technology designed to help law enforcement keep kids safeWhen we grew up 20, 30 or even 40 years ago, many of us had our fingerprints taken to keep us safe.   I remember our neighbor, Frank T., doing that for all of us. He was a police detective on the local police force in our town.  Now technology has evolved to a new level where we can collect our GENETIC FINGERPRINT with just a simple cheek swab.  Here is where ChildProtect By DNA comes in.
A few interesting tidbits about all of this high-tech DNA profile and how it is done:
  • Every DNA profile is signed by a PhD. when it leaves the DDC laboratory
  • ChildProtect by DNA is provided by DNA Diagnostics Center, the largest private DNA company in the world and #1 hospital recommended in the US
  • Over 800,000 children go missing every year!
  • Law enforcement agencies state the first 3 hours of a missing child’s search are the most important
  • A DNA profile is used by police when they find an item (saliva) that contains traces of DNA. By having a DNA profile on hand, the police have something to compare against and can start working faster.  If there is no DNA profile, police need to collect DNA from the child’s home and send it to a laboratory to get the profile.
A DNA profile for your child from ChildProtect By DNA is not kept in any database, but is kept solely by you.  In the case of an emergency, you can provide this profile to law enforcement who can compare it to DNA at a crime scene and speed up the process to bring your child back safely.  Be smart and be completely prepared to protect your child under any circumstance!

If you are like any parent, you don't want to ever think that something could happen.  But if it did, wouldn't you want everyone to be able to take action as quickly as possible?  With ChildProtect By DNA law enforcement can do just that. The best news is that a DNA profile which years ago was over $400 is now only $99.  But readers of Glamamamas Goodies will receive a limited time $50 off coupon by going to and using code USFamily50. 

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