Saturday, August 31, 2013

Save up to 60% on Movie Tickets & Concessions with DealFlicks

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 Movie Ticket Deals, Discounts, Offers, & Coupons | Dealflicks
Do you just love to go to movies but get so frustrated with how expensive they can be?  How about if you have a few kids to boot?  Add it up by the time you pay for the movie, a few snacks and drinks and the cost $$$ really gets up there! Now, you can save up to 60% on Movie Tickets & Concessions with Dealflicks!

Finally there is a reasonable solution to keep everyone happy from the theatre owners to the customers.   As tickets prices have gone up and the economy has spiraled down, theatre owners could clearly see that people were not going to the movies like they used to because of the cost. Who has that kind of cash?  Not me! Enter the ideal solution:  Dealflicks.
Dealflicks has partnered directly with movie theaters to help them fill those empty seats (data indicate that 88% of movie theater seats are empty on an average day). You get great discounted movie ticketsDealflicks negotiates with theaters to bring you amazing deals on tickets, popcorn, and soda so you can have your fun and save too!

Check it out and start saving today:  Save up to 60% on Movie Tickets and Concessions | Dealflicks

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