Thursday, September 5, 2013

IPad Mini GIVEAWAY + NEW Purex Laundry App for iphone and Android!

Laundry stains....ugh! Have you ever just sighed to yourself and tried everything to get out a stain?  Red wine on your favorite luxury white jeans?  That beautiful blouse that you splurged on with a greasy splotch? 

The NEW Purex Laundry App for iPhone and Android can really help you get the right answer to how to get out those icky stains and fast.  I downloaded it to my iphone and my my hubby's phone too.  My husband likes to do his own laundry. I know. He was a bachelor for many years and likes to do his laundry his way. Is it the best way?  Nah, I know it's not but what can you do.  He is always open to suggestions and really likes suggestions from other people that he is not married to. He was actually interested in the Purex app because he loves and trusts Purex detergents to clean his clothes problem free.

The app is very easy to use.  I can figure out easily how to care for all kinds of fabrics from cotton to silk.  I just select the fabric care button, scroll to select the particular fabric, and then click HELP.  It gives all the washing and drying directions for that kind of fabric. Easy, right?

There is even a special Stain Guide. Click on Stain Guide and then scroll to select category, stain, then the material. All you do then is just click Get Solution. I love it especially for those tricky fabrics like silk and other delicates. 

How about the special clothing label decoder?  You know all those weird symbols like a triangle on your clothing labels that you never know what the heck they mean. Purex even has a decoder to figure out what they mean and how they can help you care for your clothes!

Here are the features of the new Purex Laundry App for iPhone and Android you can choose from:
  • Stain Guide: Expert advice on how to treat your toughest stains.
  • Label Decoder: Find out what those funny little pictures on your clothes' tags actually mean.
  • Fabric Care: Helpful care instructions for popular fabric types. 
  • Ironing & Folding: Learn the basics of properly ironing and folding a range of clothing.
  • Laundry Time: Here to make sure you never forget about another load of laundry.
  • Promotions: A summary of all current Purex promotions.
  • Mix-N-Match: A fun little memory game to pass the time waiting for your laundry to finish.
  • Product Info: Key information on Purex products.
  • Barcode Scanner: Scan Purex products to learn more about them.
The Purex Laundy App is great for everyone, especially those high school and college kids just learning to do laundry.  Maybe I will even download for my child and let her start to do her laundry solo! 

Don't forget to enter the great iPad Mini giveaway too! To celebrate the new Purex Laundry Help App, Purex is giving you a chance to win an iPad mini.
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