Monday, September 23, 2013

The Jockey Collection by Rachel Zoe Chic, Fun and Flirty...Review by Glamamama

Disclaimer:  I received several pieces from The Jockey Collection by Rachel Zoe complimentary through Conde Nast Style Society.  As always, my opinions are my own.
Stylish and Comfortable underwear in a gorgeous color!

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Have you ever worn shapewear?  If you haven’t, you might want to consider it in light of the variety of options that are available now in stores. Unless you have a completely perfect body, you can benefit from shapewear. Think about it, even many actresses admit to wearing shapewear. It just smoothes everything out nicely under any outfit.  The quality and look of shapewear varies wildly though and you really need to take a close look at the brands and styles before you buy. There are a bunch of things you might want to consider among the different brands. Jockey, a quality brand that has been around for a L-O-N-G time, recently launched a stylish collection of shapewear curated by Rachel Zoe that is worth consideration.  I love to be just as stylish under my clothes, you know what I mean?   Lets think about it too...who knows style better than the iconic Rachel Zoe?

This stylish collection of pieces from Jockey by Rachel Zoe really shows that comfortable underwear can be truly chic, fun and kind of flirty as you will see in my pics. Jockey and Rachel Zoe are turning the perception of comfort totally upside down with these stylish colors, clean lines and comfortable fabrics.   I received four pieces that I really liked.
Perfect for under shorter dresses or pants to smooth out EVERYTHING below!
Now listen ladies, shapewear can benefit EVERYBODY no matter what size you are. I am petite by nature but trust me, Glamamama has GOT to work out 4 times a week to keep everything in place.  Still….I am no 20-something anymore. I definitely notice how shapewear can make dresses and skirts skim better on my just smoothes out the curves and say goodbye to any kind of lumps or bumps when you put on the Jockey by Rachel Zoe shapewear.  Okay, you want to know if shapewear and specifically Jockey by Rachel Zoe is really comfortable though. Keep reading.
Beautiful bright pink color with no seams to add bulk under outfits!
I was excited about the opportunity to review several pieces I received from Jockey's Rachel Zoe collection.  You have to give it to her…she always looks good, even when she’s pregnant. That is a feat in itself.  It was a smart move for Jockey to partner with a style icon Rachel Zoe to create a new shapewear collection. It definitely has a modern, updated feel to all the pieces.

Rachel’s pieces include intimates like panties and camisoles and shapewear.  You can see the pieces I received are pretty, stylish and sporty at the same time.  You can’t see, but I will tell you all of the pieces I received were very soft and comfortable to wear...even for my LONG workdays.  The fabric stretches beautifully and fit me really well.  I wore the shapewear bottoms to work under dresses and skirts and loved the way they felt all day long. Very comfortable and pretty too.  The camisole worked perfectly on the weekend with jeans and I loved the way it let me move but kept everything tucked in place. I was amazed at how really attractive the designs, colors and styles were.  I know Rachel Zoe has a good eye, but she really put together a great collection for Jockey. I will be looking to pick up more pieces for the fall...let me know what you think.

You can get more information by following Jockey and Rachel Zoe on Facebook and Twitter. Get the scoop on Rachel Zoe by following her on Twitter too.


Deedra Martinez said...

I have a small collection of camisoles, I love they way they put an outfit together sometimes.I have also been a fan of Rachel for sometime now, I dig her style and the way she conducts an outfit together. I just wish I had that kind of magic.

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