Sunday, September 29, 2013

TruMoo Chocolate Milk Review through BzzAgent

Disclaimer: I received this information and a coupon to try TruMoo complimentary through my membership with BzzAgent. As always, my opinions are my own.
BzzAgent is up to exciting things again this fall. If you haven't heard about them, BzzAgent is a company that shares products or product coupons and asks members to review the products honestly on social media and share their thoughts with others.  I've actually been a member for years now and it is always a fun experience.  Just recently, BzzAgent invited me to join the TruMoo Chocolate and Vanilla Milk campaign.

Have you been trying to trick your little ones into drinking milk for years now and it is just not working?  Finally you have a REAL solution that will get your kids to drink good-for-you yummy in the tummy milk from TruMoo® 

I am lucky, my little one has always voluntarily drank milk without nagging. But TruMoo chocolate milk is always a nice treat for mommy, daddy or the little one. It did get my little one to drink more milk I have to say. That fun orange Halloween color got the excitement going! I actually started drinking TruMoo  post-workout to pump my energy up.  It really works. 

Now there is even a limited edition TruMoo that  launched just for Halloween.  What sounds yummier than new Vanilla in Halloween orange. That will get them to drink their milk, right?  You can also enter to win an all-expense paid Goosebumps Haunted Hollywood Vacation over on the TruMoo Facebook page.  You can even get $2.00 off on any Goosebumps DVD.

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