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JOODJ lets your wild holiday style shine with gorgeous accessories for your footwear, purses or even your hair!

Disclaimer-I received samples complimentary through Brandbacker in order to personally evaluate the line of products. As always, my opinion is my own. 

I have so many shoes....oh mama do I have shoes.  Every color, every style you name it from chunky heels to wedges to sky high but I am always getting bored with them.  Wouldn't it be great to have something special to add onto a great pair of shoes that you already love to really make them sing?  What if you had an accessory that was even more flexible and could be used almost anywhere to add a splash to an outfit?  I remember years ago my mom had these gorgeous rhinestone shoe clips. I just thought they were amazing.  Well now  JOODJ (juuuuj) designer Múkami Kinoti Kimotho is shaking up that idea and creating powerful clips, bibs and cuffs to transform your favorite shoes into WOW shoes and more.  

I was sent a sample from their gorgeous ZIZI design collection. I love that all the designs from JOODJ arrive for you or your recipient beautifully wrapped and ready for gift giving in a luxurious box.  In addition, they include a set of luxe velvet bands in three different sizes that can be used to style your JOODJ anywhere and anyway you like.  It really gives you so much flexibility and lets you really express your wildest style! The first velvet band is sized ideally to be placed around your neck.  This lets you transform a shoe clip into a neck tie style accessory.  Fantastic, right?   The second velvet band is the perfect width to wear as a luxe headband.  Múkami also suggests that you can use the second velvet band to transform those sexy knee-high boots that I have and I know you have in your closet! The third velvet band fits perfectly around your ankle, wrist or around an accessory like a clutch or belt.  How many clutches are just so plain...think about how a JOODJ clip can really make them stand out and become a fashion item! What about black dress shoes like mine below?  Look how gorgeous they look with the addition of the JOODJ clip!  Total transformation from basic to beautiful
The JOODJ LifeStyle is one with a Conscience.  They have amazing charitable campaigns, which makes the product all the more wonderful.  So not only are JOODJ designs a luxury addition to your fashion collection, but every piece you purchase can actually transform the life of a woman or girl somewhere in the world.  I challenge my readers to JOODJ Up and do good for women and girls throughout November and December this yearne of these amazing collections. When you purchase any designs from the ZIZI, ROKA and NGOMA collections, a percent of the proceeds from your purchases will benefit non-profit organizations that work to address issues of inequity and injustice against women and girls. This particular season, the proceeds will benefit the LIVE International Foundation who support indigenous organizations in Africa to eradicate female genital mutilation, child marriage and institutionalized rape.

Do you have children or nieces like me?  You will be happy to learn that the ZIZI collection (including my asymmetrical flower clip) was was inspired by Múkami's daughter Zara (her  nickname is ZIZI--isn't that so sweet!) I hear that Zizi is a sweet, artistic, very kind soul that just adores bright pink, purple, yellow and turquoise flowers! Sounds like some girly-girls I might know!  Zizi loves to wear them in her hair, on her wrists and on her dresses! So JOODJ is not just for grownup ladies...think about those little girls and tweens. I know my daughter was totally captivated by the ZIZI collection when we were looking at the website. Of course she tried to claim it for her own before it even arrived.  I will share!! It is clear that JOODJ makes unique gifts that are made to truly last.  I can see so many little girls and tweens (as well as ladies) using those versatile velvet bands included in the JOODJ package to make a wrist corsage or a gorgeous hair band. I see so many options with JOODJ. I made a real statement with my black was stylish before but now I really command attention with my JOODJ ZIZI in bright blue!
For those of you not in the know, joodj is a verb which means to make something  or someone appear more put together quickly.  This exemplifies the designs that JOODJ creates as you will see from the beautiful photos of her pieces here.  I love that all JOODJ pieces are designed in the USA too, don't you?  Now what could be smarter than saving while enhancing your favorite footwear, blazers and even purses that you already have in your own closet!  Look how my purse pops with the pink ZIZI.  Just beautiful.
JOODJ accessories are 100% handmade which clearly shines through in the detailed designs, fabrics and beading.  I love the versatility that each JOODJ piece offers.  Think about how many combinations you can create with a few bold and colorful JOODJ pieces. Perfect for a special night out anywhere.  One of Múkami Kinoti Kimothoa designs would make a lovely gift for a special friend or family member with Christmas and Hanukkah on the horizon too.  JOODJ accessories are perfect for any woman looking to confidently express her individual style!  

Their flagship Shoelery collection includes Clips, Bibs and Cuffs in basic black or bold fabrics and beading.  You can choose your own style and what works for you. Each piece transforms your favorite shoes into an amazing custom shoe.  The clips, bibs or cuffs can even be the perfect stand in for a colorful hair band or corsage.  You can make your everyday belt bling or create a necktie.  JOODJ makes it simple to add a touch of glamour to any part of your outfit! 

JOODJ is offering my readers a 10% discount that is applicable through to December 31. The discount code is READAJDJ10

If you're in the Washington DC area, you must attend this event! JOODJ is hosting an exclusive 'Channel Your Inner Fierce' launch party this December. It will be a great opportunity for you to meet the designer, hang out with other fashionistas and enjoy some delicious cocktails while you explore and shop the JOODJ by Múkami Kinoti Kimotho collection. Visit the JOODJ FB page and follow JOODJ on Facebook for details!

Don't forget: 20%OFF ALL SHOELERY on Black Friday through Cyber Monday discount. You  need to 'follow' them on Twitter or 'like' the JOODJ Facebook page to get the discount. 

Wantable Box: A Beautiful New Thing~Wantable Intimates November Box Review

Disclaimer:  I received this complimentary in order to review it. As always, my opinion is my own.

Have you heard about Wantable yet?  You are going to want to know all about them once you see what they offer!  Wantable offers three different subscription boxes plus they have a luxurious limited edition Holiday Box available right now.  You can choose from Makeup, Accessories or Intimates. I received an Intimates Wantable box. It came in a large box with a really amazing assortment of items. Keep reading to see details about each piece.
I was excited about setting up my account with Wantable because I was able to customize my interests right away.  You can customize as much or as little as you like.  It actually was super easy to do the whole shebang and 5 minutes max.  Once you do this the information is all saved in your profile so they know what you like....and what you don't like.  You can even say if you don't ever want to get say, a white bra-let or something like that. You also get to customize your size and color preferences in your profile.
Each month your special box of chosen "treats" arrives.  It was fun to open the box and see what was sent according to my preferences.  They really got it right too.  They also sent a reminder about the exciting Limited Edition Holiday Box.  I looked on the website and it looks tempting.  Lots of sparkle, glitter and fun.  Makeup and beauty, special jewelry exclusive to Wantable too. You must take a look!  Meanwhile, see what I got today in my Wantable Intimates Box.

First I received The Original Muk Luks Tights in a pretty purple and black herringbone design.  I can see wearing these with a black skirt and high black boots.  In fact, I think that might be an outfit this week! This is a great brand of tights that run about $20 and up.  I wear tights SO MUCH in the winter.  I love how they keep me warm while looking fashionable. How did Wantable know?  They were a good choice for me so I give Wantable an "A."

My second items was Kix'ies Thigh Highs in the Beth-Ann style.  They are black (so me!) and have a honeycomb pattern. These were a bit of a surprise...I would not have bought them on my own but I am sure I will wear them.  Again....I love my black anything so I would pull out another pair of high black boots, throw on a black mini or a black dress and be good to go out for a special night out with my husband---guaranteed he will love these!  These run about $18.95 and I was excited to see they are available on Amazon. I like that Wantable  can introduce you to items that you might not usually buy but enjoy when you get them.  It is fantastic that you can continue to find them online and in stores too.

The third piece was from Cass Luxury Shapewear.  It is the Luster Bralette in Nude. I love the neutral color...perfect to wear under anything. It is adjustable as well.  It feels soft and provides excellent support all day long..I tried it already! This piece is a $38 value.  I really like this bralette and would buy it in black as well.

The final item was something really useful:  Flash Tape.  Have you ever had those gaping necklines on a top you really like?  Tube tops that slip?  You know what I mean. Fashion snafus. Flash Tape fixes them fast. It looks like a roll of tape but it is fashion tape! I saw it and said to myself that this was something that I should have had but didn't!  Perfect to pack for a getaway, cruise or even a weekend away. This can be purchased on Amazon for $7.

Based on what I received the Wantable Box is an excellent value.  Think about it. A Wantable Box is such an easy way to treat yourself without guilt. Everything I received I

How much does all this cost?  A lot less than you might think.  Each box is $36 a month or you can try it once for $40.  The products are all based on your chosen profile settings. It is wonderful because they ship to the United States, Canada ($5 extra) and Australia ($9 extra).

Let me know what you think and which Wantable box you chose to subscribe to!  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Smokey Eye Palette is the Trend For the Holidays, Christmas and NewYears

Disclaimer:  This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own. I received a sample of the Smokey Eye Palette complimentary through BrandBacker.

What is going to be your special makeup look for the holidays this year?  You don't know yet?  I have your easy solution. Here is your on trend fashion look for Holiday 2013 and beyond: The Smokey Eye.  It sounds complicated you think?  Nope, not at all. I did it so quickly and I was impressed with how gorgeous it looked. I can't wait for the first holiday party because this is my go-to look this season. The easy way to get a gorgeous smokey eye look is with a Smokey Eye Palette from Studio Gear Cosmetics.  The best thing is that they are offering a fantastic discount for Glamamamas Goodies readers for the holidays!  You get 10% off by using my Reader Discount Code: SGHOLIDAYBe
You will look completely radiant just like I did on any occasion with this sultry, shimmery palette of deep shades–perfect for creating a classic smoky eye look, with a hint of surprise golden glimmer. The palette includes four complimentary eye shadows with matching blush to give you several day to night options that are both completely sultry and wearable at the same time.  The Smokey Eye Palette from Studio Gear gives you pure color and super pigment-rich formulations so you know you will smolder all night.
I love how thin the palette is--you can even slip it into an evening bag for late-night touch ups!

A little history about Studio Gear so you know that they are a company with experience in the industry. They have been around more than 15 years.  They were founded by makeup industry veterans Steve Rohr and John Avolio.  Studio Gear Cosmetics is a luxury cosmetics brand featuring a full collection of professional makeup brushes,  amazing complexion formulas, and a endless selection of color products for the eyes, cheeks, and lips.  Studio Gear has been on set at hundreds !!!) of professional photo shoots since 1996.  Their makeup products are available in the beauty departments of Bloomingdales, Macy's, Dillard's, HSN and ULTA as well. They have been in my makeup bag for years too...I remember when they first launched.  Their motto is that every woman deserves professional, high quality cosmetics at a reasonable price. 

I love it.  You must try this palette it is so simple to use and you will thank me for your gorgeous on-trend look this holiday season and beyond. 

I just found out about a the new Holiday Hottie giveaway that I had to share from Studio Gear:
Move over red lip! The classic smokey eye is moving in as the essential holiday look. Show us your version of a smokey eye to win free holiday makeup!
To Enter: Show us your favorite smokey eye look by posting a photo on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #SGHolidayHottie. Photo must be of the full face, straight on to be considered.
Entries will be considered for the vote until December 15th, 2013.
To Win: Entries will be put up for a vote on our Facebook page and the photo with the most ‘Likes’ on December 22nd at 5 PM ET will win!
The Prize: The top three photos with the most ‘Likes’ will win a gift bag that includes our Classic Beauty Kit and the Holiday Smokey Eye Palette. We’ll also feature your look on our blog and social media sites.
Good Luck!
By entering this contest, you are consenting to let Studio Gear Cosmetics publicly publish your photo.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ugg Australia has Gorgeous Styles to Keep You On Trend All Year Long #UGGInfluencer

Disclaimer:  I received this information through the Vogue Influencer Network. As always, all opinions are my own.

Founded in 1978, UGG® Australia has long been a trendsetter in the footwear industry, combining luxury and comfort in high-quality leather and suede. Whether your sole style is polished and feminine, laid-back and low-key, or edgy and trendy, UGG Australia is sure to have a shoe you can’t live without!

Aren't the booties just so adorable. I can see wearing them with a skirt and opaque tights or even skinny jeans. The platform heel is just perfect to add some height but still stay comfortable.

This one is one amazing boot.  I love that you can wear it down or up so you are almost getting a two for one.

The riding boots are a new kind of look for me that I don't usually associate with Uggs. I love riding boots and think they look great with skinny jeans. This is a gorgeous style with the tri-tone...really gorgeous for fall and winter too.

These slippers look so comfortable....aaah, this would be a really nice holiday present for anyone!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Crockpot Magic Healthy Pasta Supreme

In the cooler weather it is wonderful to have something warm and bubbly right out of the oven.....errrr I mean Crockpot. This is a good one for set up Sunday midday for a yummy and easy dinner after running around all day. This is a perfect fall dish that is very adaptable to whatever veggie you like. I would sub in eggplant or mushrooms or a mixture of the two for the zucchini....even yellow or grey squash as well. Let me know how your Crockpot Healthy Pasta and Veggies comes out!

Serves 6 Prep: 20 minutes Cook Time: 4.5 hours

2 large 28-ounce cans chopped tomatoes with basil
3 tablespoons Extra Virgin olive oil
3 cloves garlic, chopped roughly 
Salt and pepper to taste
12 oz pound whole wheat rotini or rigatoni
1 sweet onion, chopped
1 pound zucchini chopped into quarters
1 lb fresh baby spinach (you can sub frozen)
1 15-ounce container fat free or low fat ricotta
8 ounces mozzarella chopped or grated
1/2 cup grated Parmesan for serving

Mix the tomatoes, oil, garlic, ¾ teaspoon salt, and ½ tsp pepper in a large bowl. In a separate medium bowl, combine the uncooked pasta, chopped onion, and zucchini.

Spread a third of the tomato mixture in the bottom of a 4 to 6-quart Crockpot. Top with half the pasta mixture, half the spinach, a third of the tomato mixture, half the ricotta, and half the mozzarella; repeat layers until crockpot is 3/4 full.  You can see mine is kind of more than 3/4 full but that is worries!  Cover and cook on high until the pasta is tender, 3½ to 4 hours. You can serve your yummy meal sprinkled with the fresh Parmesan if you like.

Obol® Solves the Soggy Cereal Situation for Kids and Adults: A Giveaway and Review

Disclaimer:  I received a sample complimentary for review purposes. As always, my opinons are my own.

Do you or your kids leave soggy cereal because you just can't stand that yucky texture?  Have you struggled not to make waste and maybe used separate bowls or put the milk in a cup instead?  What kinds of crazy solutions have you tried to prevent soggy cereal?  Well, now the struggle is over and you can really say goodbye to soggy cereal forever!

Now there is the Obol®.  It has changed the way our family enjoys cereal. No more soggy flakes or pieces.  The kids are happy and eat their cereal too!  First of all I want to let you know Obol is 100% designed and made in the U.S.A. BPA free too.  I love supporting our own economy so that is a plus right there. Check out the cool design of the Obol above.  The separate chambers keeps each bite as crispy and flaky as that wonderful first bite. It's easy...their solution is to just Swoop & Scoop®.  Pretty cool right?  You know your kids are going to be grabbing for the Obol so you better consider buying a few right now. There are a variety of colors and sizes for perfect for kids and adults. If you are petite like me you might even prefer the smaller size.

Obol® is The Original Crispy Bowl® that comes in a bunch of colors so you can personalize it for each family member. Each Obol has the unique Swoop n Scoop® spiral slide design so everyone can enjoy all their cereal right to the bottom.  I love that the Obol is very easy to hold for kids and adults. The grip has a bit of texture so it doesn't slip either.  All of us found it very easy to hold. I love that you can enjoy your breakfast in bed or while relaxing on the couch. You can always go the traditional route at the kitchen table too!

Think out of the box now and how many other ways you can enjoy the Obol.  Now that the weather is cooler we have enjoyed soup and oyster crackers in our Obol's too. Crackers stay nice and crisp since you add them as you go.  Less clean up too!  My little one loves to use it for her milk and cookies as well. Everyday she asks to use it instead of the usual ho-hum dishes. The Obol will be a real conversation piece when you use it for chips and dip too. Let me know what other uses you come up with during the holidays!  I am thinking this would be a great gift for a Secret Santa party or a gift exchange. Male or female....who wouldn't love it?

You can get all the scoop from Obol by checking them out on Facebook  
They have some fun videos to share with your friends.  So think about all the great things about Obol:
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA 
  • 2 Sizes, Large 8" and Medium 7" diameter
  • Food safe BPA free polypropylene
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Many other uses like for dips, chips, soups and more

Only Obol® is The Original Crispy Bowl®.  You can buy the Obol online or at Brookstone and Bed Bath & Beyond. It makes a super unique gift that is made in the USA! 

Don't forget to enter my giveaway just may win your own Obol! Good luck and happy snacking!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

isABelt Slimming Belt Fashion Solution Plus #holiday #discount and GiVeAwAy! #Christmasgift

Disclaimer:  I received isABelt complimentary in order to review it. As always, my opinion is my own.
Have you ever discovered a product and just thought to yourself, "I can't believe it. I have totally needed this FOREVER and can't believe I didn't think of it myself?" That is exactly what I thought when I heard about isABelt.  Who doesn't need an invisible belt that lies completely flat?  Not you, right?  How about an invisible belt that eliminates lumps and bumps and even bulges? Oh, definitely not you.  Right....we all need this kind of fashion accessory! 

isABelt Ltd was founded by three sisters and fashion mavens all suffering from the same wardrobe issues as we all do. Lumpy, bumpy belts distracting from their beautiful fashions! These sharp cookies decided to help us all out and create the solution to our wardrobe woes.  They sure did it.

isABelt, Ltd. has updated their product line recently.  They have been creating amazing fashion solutions since 2007 and now they just unveiled the isABelt ORIGINAL.  This is the most up to date version of the ½” fully adjustable, patented invisible belt, which virtually disappears when worn. You can choose from clear or black. Take a peek at the photo above and you will see what I mean. I love it for work with slim pants and a body hugging top over a blazer in the cooler weather. No added bulk so I continue to look petite and slim all day long.

isABelt ORIGINAL comes in this adorable little box perfect for gift giving. Think about it for Secret Santa gifts!  It is a perfect size to pop into a Christmas stocking too.  I love the easy to fasten durable and flat magnetic clasp. Can you believe it is one size, fitting size 0 up to 50+ inches.  I am super petite and it fit me at the lowest settings.  We come in all sizes though so it is nice to know I can lend it to a friend in a pinch too and it will fit her just perfectly!  The magnets hold like crazy and keep my pants looking smooth all day. You just have to try the new magnetic version of the isABelt ORIGINAL!
isABelt has created an amazing fashion solution item that I equivocate with Spanx.  Don't get me wrong...I love my Spanx but isABelt is on the same revolutionary level for me.  No more bumps or bulges through jeans or dress pants.  I love that it's clear just disappears! IsABelt will have you feeling confident and fashionable all year long.

isABelt shared  an exclusive 15% holiday discount just for my readers. It is valid now thru Jan 5th by using CODE: HOLblog  That makes isABelt even more economical and practical for you and for gifts. 

The isABelt is available in either a clear or black material that is just about invisible once worn.  Remember that there are no bulky buckles, lumps, bumps or bulges either. Forget about those distracting belt lines either! Perfect for any outfit. 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway below to win your own isABelt right here. Good luck!  
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lancome Artliner 24 Hour eyeliner that lasts 24 Hours! #24HInfluencer

Disclaimer: I received a sample complimentary through Vogue Influencer Network. As always my opinions are my own. 
Lancome Artliner 24H is something new for your eyes...totally bold color- precision eyewear.  Have you heard about it yet? The colors are unbelievable and it stays on just forever!  I love how slim and luxe they look too. The colors are like gems---so pretty for the holidays!

Lancome Artliner is super easy to use too. Totally effortless precision just like you want. Bold liquid color. Vinyl finish..what is that?  A shiny vinyl-finish, liquid eyeliner that lasts 24 hours and won't smudge or budge..who can't use that?

With its precision-tip foam applicator, this innovative formula delivers vibrant wear with no feathering, flaking, or fading. Its unique wet-vinyl finish, inspired by the sheen of patent leather shoes, goes on smooth without ever skipping. From a sophisticated cat eye to a daring double-liner look, color stays vibrant with a vinyl-like finish for 24 hours. #24HInfluencer 

2013 Glamamamas Holiday Gift Guide


There are so many great ideas I have seen this year that would be super gifts. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to put them all together so that you could see everything in one place and make shopping easy and 1-2-3!

Isotoner smarTouch Gloves

Isotoner smarTouch Gloves
 The classic and modern solution to cold hands and a smartphone = ISOTONER smarTouch gloves.  These high tech classically designed gloves keep your hands warm while using your touch screen devices. That's right, ISOTONER smarTouch gloves do it all and keep you looking good while you are out and about. 

 Strappy's Bra Straps

Strappy's fashion bra straps are a fantastic gift for anyone from teens to grammas. There are tons of styles and you can wear them with bras or bathing suits. You can even sub them in as straps for an evening gown. They come in a beautiful gift box perfect for Christmas!

Obol Cereal and Snack Bowl 

Obol® is The Original Crispy Bowl® that comes in a bunch of colors so you can personalize it for each family member. Each Obol has the unique Swoop n Scoop® spiral slide design so everyone can enjoy all their cereal right to the bottom.

Disney Classics Box Set

You can bring back all those amazing memories and share them with your little ones, grands or even nieces and nephews right now!  I was so excited to hear that the Disney Classics Box Set is available now!

BA Star Holiday and Year Round Makeup and Beauty

I bet you have a daughter, god-daughter, niece or grandchild that is involved in theatre, dance, cheer or other performing arts.  Maybe you teach one of the performing arts. You definitely want to take a peek at BA STAR cosmetics.

Studio Gear Smokey Palette
Wantables Box: A Beautiful New Thing

Every month

JOODJ Bold & Fearless Accessories

JOODJ (juuuuj) designer Múkami Kinoti Kimotho is shaking up that idea and creating clips, bibs and cuffs to transform your favorite shoes into wow shoes and more.  

A perfect gift for any stylish lady or young woman!

Airborne Immune Support Review Experience Plus Free Airborne Coupon

 Disclaimer: I received a sample of Airborne complimentary through As always, all opinions are my own.

Have you tried Airborne yet?  I love the mixed fruit flavors I received, the Blast of Vitamin C Airborne Gummies taste great which is the first step in making sure you take it so you can support your immune system*

I look forward to trying the other flavors too. It is fun to switch it up sometimes.  Airborne has a bunch of great products to try as well. I look forward to taking advantage of their other formulations. I always need all the help I can get especially this time of year so I am happy for the immune support Airborne can provide to me.
     * "This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or present any disease."

    Don't you just love that the specially crafted ingredients and yummy flavors gives your whole immune system the support it needs to make sure it can continue working hard for you to keep you at your best anytime.

    Want more information about Airborne? You can click here to checkout all of Airborne's® flavors and forms.  Need more details right now?  Click here for the short list of ingredients in Airborne's® various formulations.

    Be sure to grab a $1.00 off Digital Coupon for Airborne®

    You can follow Airborne® on Facebook for future promotions and special offers

    Follow Airborne® on Twitter for future promotions, special offers and more

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    My Experience with Ageless Derma Glycolic And CoEnzyme Q10 Cleanser

    Disclaimer:  I received this product complimentary through Tomoson. As always, my opinions are my own.
    Does your skin look kind of ho hum especially now that the fall is settling in (at least where I live it is!)  Are you always looking for that "something" to freshen up your skin and give it a little life?  Lordy knows that Glamamama is always looking for that special product to give me a glow.  Ageless Derma Anti Aging Glycolic Facial Cleanser is a new beauty wash that I recently tried and found out that it actually blended several powerhouses:  glycolic acids, collagen and Ubiquinone (Coenzyme-Q10).  CoEnzyme-Q10 is a super anti-oxidant that gets way into the skin to help exfoliate and remove those old skin cells.  Once those dull old skin cells get removed everyone including you can see the beauty underneath...smoother skin and improved texture...just what we need! Collagen is a protein built from amino acids that can improve structure, and bring back some of the elasticity to the skin.

    So I received the Ageless Derma Glycolic Facial Gel Cleanser a little over a week ago.  I was impressed by the elegant and sleek container. It was a full 4 oz too.  I like that it is an easy size and shape to hold in my hand. I can pop it into my travel bag too...not too big.

    The top pops up and it is easy to squeeze out just the right amount of the cleanser. I love how gentle it feels on my skin when I wash with it.  My skin felt clean and moisturized each time.  At night I have a bit more time so I leave it on about a minute after massaging it into my skin and then I rinse it off and moisturize as usual.  No irritation at all and my skin can get fussy sometimes. Yup, it has happened. Not with the Ageless Derma Glycolic Facial Gel Cleaner though.

    My skin looks smoother and fresher. I notice a nice difference when I wake up.  That dull look seems to be faded away. My skin looks like it has a bit of a glow. That really perks me up in the morning since I have alot less work to do with makeup. I feel good going off to work! I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    Polka Dot Piggy Candle Favor is the Perfect thing for Your Next Baby Shower

    Disclaimer:  I received a sample complimentary in order to review it. As always, my opinions are my own.
    This little heading straight to your baby shower to act as the perfect favor for the table décor!  Ladies, whether you're throwing a animal-themed shower or are going all out for a farm type theme, this cutie-pie polka-dotted piggy candle is sure to have all the guests captivated.  It is the perfect size to fit into the palm of your hand so it won't crowd up the table either. It is bright and colorful though so it will cheer up the tables.
    You just know you have to put together with a really special baby shower favor, right? This adorable favor is molded in the shape of a traditional piggy bank.  Each little candle is hand painted with pastel polka dots and comes individually prepackaged in a clear gift box, ready to give to guests as a fun favor.

    It comes carefully packed in a box with lots of cushioning so no worries there either. are welcome for the super idea...I won't spill the beans and you can take full credit for the wonderful shower too!

    Here are the specifics so you can plan your party:

    Dimensions: 2"L x 1.5"W x 1.75"H
    Product packaging: clear gift box tied with yellow satin ribbon and "For You" tag
    Minimum order: 6 candles

    You can follow BeauCoup Favors on all their social media channels to keep up with all the latest new products and deals from Facebook to Pinterest and Twitter too.  They have lots of adorable items perfect for all your parties. 
    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.