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JOODJ lets your wild holiday style shine with gorgeous accessories for your footwear, purses or even your hair!

Disclaimer-I received samples complimentary through Brandbacker in order to personally evaluate the line of products. As always, my opinion is my own. 

I have so many shoes....oh mama do I have shoes.  Every color, every style you name it from chunky heels to wedges to sky high but I am always getting bored with them.  Wouldn't it be great to have something special to add onto a great pair of shoes that you already love to really make them sing?  What if you had an accessory that was even more flexible and could be used almost anywhere to add a splash to an outfit?  I remember years ago my mom had these gorgeous rhinestone shoe clips. I just thought they were amazing.  Well now  JOODJ (juuuuj) designer Múkami Kinoti Kimotho is shaking up that idea and creating powerful clips, bibs and cuffs to transform your favorite shoes into WOW shoes and more.  

I was sent a sample from their gorgeous ZIZI design collection. I love that all the designs from JOODJ arrive for you or your recipient beautifully wrapped and ready for gift giving in a luxurious box.  In addition, they include a set of luxe velvet bands in three different sizes that can be used to style your JOODJ anywhere and anyway you like.  It really gives you so much flexibility and lets you really express your wildest style! The first velvet band is sized ideally to be placed around your neck.  This lets you transform a shoe clip into a neck tie style accessory.  Fantastic, right?   The second velvet band is the perfect width to wear as a luxe headband.  Múkami also suggests that you can use the second velvet band to transform those sexy knee-high boots that I have and I know you have in your closet! The third velvet band fits perfectly around your ankle, wrist or around an accessory like a clutch or belt.  How many clutches are just so plain...think about how a JOODJ clip can really make them stand out and become a fashion item! What about black dress shoes like mine below?  Look how gorgeous they look with the addition of the JOODJ clip!  Total transformation from basic to beautiful
The JOODJ LifeStyle is one with a Conscience.  They have amazing charitable campaigns, which makes the product all the more wonderful.  So not only are JOODJ designs a luxury addition to your fashion collection, but every piece you purchase can actually transform the life of a woman or girl somewhere in the world.  I challenge my readers to JOODJ Up and do good for women and girls throughout November and December this yearne of these amazing collections. When you purchase any designs from the ZIZI, ROKA and NGOMA collections, a percent of the proceeds from your purchases will benefit non-profit organizations that work to address issues of inequity and injustice against women and girls. This particular season, the proceeds will benefit the LIVE International Foundation who support indigenous organizations in Africa to eradicate female genital mutilation, child marriage and institutionalized rape.

Do you have children or nieces like me?  You will be happy to learn that the ZIZI collection (including my asymmetrical flower clip) was was inspired by Múkami's daughter Zara (her  nickname is ZIZI--isn't that so sweet!) I hear that Zizi is a sweet, artistic, very kind soul that just adores bright pink, purple, yellow and turquoise flowers! Sounds like some girly-girls I might know!  Zizi loves to wear them in her hair, on her wrists and on her dresses! So JOODJ is not just for grownup ladies...think about those little girls and tweens. I know my daughter was totally captivated by the ZIZI collection when we were looking at the website. Of course she tried to claim it for her own before it even arrived.  I will share!! It is clear that JOODJ makes unique gifts that are made to truly last.  I can see so many little girls and tweens (as well as ladies) using those versatile velvet bands included in the JOODJ package to make a wrist corsage or a gorgeous hair band. I see so many options with JOODJ. I made a real statement with my black was stylish before but now I really command attention with my JOODJ ZIZI in bright blue!
For those of you not in the know, joodj is a verb which means to make something  or someone appear more put together quickly.  This exemplifies the designs that JOODJ creates as you will see from the beautiful photos of her pieces here.  I love that all JOODJ pieces are designed in the USA too, don't you?  Now what could be smarter than saving while enhancing your favorite footwear, blazers and even purses that you already have in your own closet!  Look how my purse pops with the pink ZIZI.  Just beautiful.
JOODJ accessories are 100% handmade which clearly shines through in the detailed designs, fabrics and beading.  I love the versatility that each JOODJ piece offers.  Think about how many combinations you can create with a few bold and colorful JOODJ pieces. Perfect for a special night out anywhere.  One of Múkami Kinoti Kimothoa designs would make a lovely gift for a special friend or family member with Christmas and Hanukkah on the horizon too.  JOODJ accessories are perfect for any woman looking to confidently express her individual style!  

Their flagship Shoelery collection includes Clips, Bibs and Cuffs in basic black or bold fabrics and beading.  You can choose your own style and what works for you. Each piece transforms your favorite shoes into an amazing custom shoe.  The clips, bibs or cuffs can even be the perfect stand in for a colorful hair band or corsage.  You can make your everyday belt bling or create a necktie.  JOODJ makes it simple to add a touch of glamour to any part of your outfit! 

JOODJ is offering my readers a 10% discount that is applicable through to December 31. The discount code is READAJDJ10

If you're in the Washington DC area, you must attend this event! JOODJ is hosting an exclusive 'Channel Your Inner Fierce' launch party this December. It will be a great opportunity for you to meet the designer, hang out with other fashionistas and enjoy some delicious cocktails while you explore and shop the JOODJ by Múkami Kinoti Kimotho collection. Visit the JOODJ FB page and follow JOODJ on Facebook for details!

Don't forget: 20%OFF ALL SHOELERY on Black Friday through Cyber Monday discount. You  need to 'follow' them on Twitter or 'like' the JOODJ Facebook page to get the discount. 

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