Monday, December 30, 2013

Beauty Box 5 is an Adorable Mini Winner: Glamamamas Review

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.
Beauty Box 5 is a subscription beauty box sampler that is delivered to your doorstep (or mailbox) filled with a combination of 5 brand new cosmetic samples/full size products monthly, quarterly or annually. It is a great new way for anyone from teens to moms to sample new cosmetic products and see what works for you. They include tips and tricks on the back of this little card below to help you get the most out of your beauty samples. 
Beauty Box 5 shared with me that they are always looking for the inside scoop on hot new items to make the best matches for your own personal taste and lifestyle.  The prices are reasonable too. You can get a Beauty Box 5 monthly for $12, quarterly for $30 or annually for just $99.  Shipping is always free. They are also currently offering a little bonus...each box gets a corresponding gift card to Soap with purchase of one of the above plans.  A fun way to check out lots of the new beauty stuff out there without a whole lot of $$ investment. The great part is that if you like something, you can just get on line and buy the full size item, right?  Much better than buying a full size you-know-what-beauty-item and paying a fortune and then it sits in the makeup bag gathering dust because it doesn't work for you.

Beauty Box 5 mixes it up with their brands and keeps things adventurous. They source from a mix of niche, luxe, regular drugstore, vegan and eco-conscious brands.  You might get hair care, nail care, makeup, skin care, fragrances or even beauty accessories.  I love the suspense!  You will get a carefully curated blend of travel, full-size and deluxe samples from their most current collection.

I received the December 2013 Naughty and Nice Box.  Here is the scoop on the goodies that were in this cute little box:
NYX is a brand that I turn to often in my local Ulta store so I am familiar with them.    This was an eye shadow trio called Live in Rio.  A pretty blend of mauve, taupe and a grayish blue all with a bit of a shimmer. I like that it is manufactured cruelty free.  

The second item was a travel size Clean and Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer.  This is small but perfect for a weekend getaway.  
I was not familiar with Body Drench moisturizers before I received this. Body Drench Hemp Moisturizing Daily Lotion has a nice, light scent.  Not too overpowering and natural.  Again, a travel size at 2oz which would be good for a weekend. 
Winter brings dry feet.  I was excited to see the coarse/fine foot smoother from Every Beauty. It has a coarse texture on one side...fine on the other. You can use it on the feet, elbows or knees....wet or dry.  I love that this is flexible and reusable.  It felt nice on my feet and that were super smooth after I used it. 
The last item was OFRA Lipgloss Plumper in Sultry.  A pretty rose bronze shade that works nicely for the cool weather. It was thicker than traditional lip glosses but felt smooth on my lips.  I detecting some tingly lip plumping action but it took a few minutes.  Be patient. The color suited me well. This was a full size item and I liked the petite 10ml size. Good for an evening bag or pocket. 

This was a nice little box if goodies...not a complete bargain but reasonable in light of the fact every item and brand was new to me with the exception of the Clean and Clear.  Pure convenience and a nice treat which we all deserve!  I knew the brand NYX from shopping at Ulta but had not tried this particular color palette. All the other items and brands were fun surprises to check out and learn more about. I like finding out about new beauty innovations but with work and life...ahh, my time is so limited to troll the beauty stores and malls. Beauty Box 5 is a nice way to discover new brands and products without a huge commitment. 

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Looks like great products, especially the last two. I'll look for them.