Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eat-Laugh-Love Wall Decal from Katazoom Plus $15 Gift Card Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a Eat Laugh Love wall decal complimentary from Katazoom in order to review it and share my opinions.
I spend so much time in my downstairs between kids activities, my home office and the family room and wet bar I am always in amazement.  We spent so much time with the initial design downstairs but it still never really felt totally personalized. I was intrigued when I heard from Katazoom that they wanted me to check out their wall decals and see my thoughts.  My mind just went wild--especially once I opened up their website.

Katazoom has wall decals for everyone's taste from casual to more formal.  They even have silly and spiritual decals so there is definitely something for every decor.  I chose the Eat Laugh Love wall decal and was impressed to see it arrive in the mail very quickly.  It arrived in a cardboard tube neatly rolled up.  You don't even need any special tools to apply can use a regular credit card or even a store loyalty card!

I just unrolled the decal and placed it under a heavy book or two for a few minutes to get it straight.  Then I followed the instructions and rubbed the back with my credit card which reactivated the adhesive so it would stick properly.  I used blue painters tape to set up the exact place I wanted it on my wall. I gave it a quick wipe down with a soft cloth to make sure there was no dust on the wall at this point too which is suggested.  Then I carefully removed the attached paper and used my credit card to rub the decal gently onto the wall.  After that, I took of the front paper covering the decal and it was perfectly in placed and positioned.

I was so surprised at how easy it was to apply the Katazoom decal. It looks really great in my home, and it adds warmth and personality to an area that was just so-so. 

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