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Valentines Day: Les Cinq Amandes Artisanal Confections and Gifts For Any Occasion

Disclaimer:  I received samples from Les Cinq Amandes complimentary. Regardless, I only share my personal experiences and what content I think will be helpful for my readers.  As always, my opinions are my own.

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There are so many celebrations and gift giving occasions that that challenge you to find that special something. Weddings and bridal showers, birthday and anniversary parties, business and personal gifts for Christmas, Valentine's Day and other holidays just need something more than just "a gift."  When you have a momentous occasion, or even that special someone you are considering, you want the absolute best gift.  Les Cinq Amandes (The Five Almonds) provides you with an opportunity to choose luxury candies and sweet gifts at your leisure and they will be delivered right to your doorstep.  
In 2007, Les Cinq Amandes was created by a mother daughter team in Stamford, Connecticut to provide extraordinary sweets for all those special occasions in your life.  They derived the name from the old European aristocratic tradition of gifting guests 5 confectionary almonds at weddings and other special occasions. Those five almonds symbolized wishes for happiness, health, wealth, longevity and Fertility.  Les Cinq Amandes updated and modernized the tradition and renewed the set of wishes to Peace, Health, Happiness, Long Life and Love. What could be sweeter than that?    
Les Cinq Amandes has procured the absolute best sugared almonds and candies from around the world.  They tasted their way around the globe to find the best and the highest quality almonds. Their top three varieties include the Grand Cru Avola, the Royal Limited Edition Spanish and the Lerida Finesse almonds.  Any combination makes a lovely and unique gift for that special someone.  Choosing the color combinations and flavors is so much fun too.
Les Cinq Amandes interactive website is set up to allow you to create the absolute perfect custom gift for any special occasion. You choose your almonds, the flavors and the colors.  Your imagination is your best guide. You can include additional luxuries like Fruit Dragées, Specialty Dragées, Nut Dragées, Chocolate Dragées, Mini Pearl Dragées, Chic Caramels, Magical Meringue and even Artisinal Hand Painted Chocolates.  You can also choose Crystallized Petals, Leaves and Pearls. You can even choose the perfect packaging for your special gift or favors.  All of Les Cinq Amandes wraps and packages are just gorgeous as you can see so it is a matter of your own personal preference.

I adore that Les Cinq Amandes provides such a completely personalized gift giving experience.  The artisinal quality is apparent in the photos but you just must taste their sweets to know how truly delicious they are as well.  Any gift from Les Cinq Amandes would be a wonderful treat for Christmas, Valentines Day or any special occasion.  These will be the perfect choice for party favors at your next special event for 50 or 500.  The most delightful surprise for any guest. 
Right now Les Cinq Amandes is offering a 10% discount (HOLIDAY10) to help make your gift giving easier this holiday season.  The timing couldn't be more perfect! The fact that they offer complimentary ground shipping for orders $79 and up makes it even easier.
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