Sunday, December 15, 2013

Post Cocoa Pebbles Crowdtap Sampling

Disclaimer: I received samples of Post Cocoa Pebbles complimentary through Crowdtap. df6750d3d7897e31bb6abb6d680fb1a44ee7a75e00cda08050

I was intrigued to be chosen to evaluate some new formulations of Post Cocoa Pebbles through Crowdtap recently.  I was sent to huge boxes of Cocoa Pebbles coded with two different labels.  My familie's task:   Determine if we had a preference for one versus the other.  

We had to evaluate a variety of aspects of each cereal when we sampled it. My child was the primary opinion provider but we all contributed and were permitted to share our opinions.  It was fun to try to guess the differences based on color, flavor, sweetness, crispness in milk and such.  

We definitely had a preference between the two but we actually liked both boxes. I preferred the one that seemed less sweet and had a lighter chocolate flavor. My child liked the sweeter one...go figure!  Hubby was just happy for the chance to try a fun cereal...he likes to grumble when I steer him to the high fiber cereals.  

You should check out is a fun cereal that is also gluten-free.  Don't forget all those chocolate crispy treats you can make with it too!  

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