Monday, January 20, 2014

The Calling by Suzanne Woods Fisher: Book Review Plus iPad, Nook and Kindle GiVeAwAy!

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I was excited to have the opportunity to review a new book by Suzanne Woods Fisher, The Calling.  She is the bestselling author of the Inn at Eagle Hill series, Lancaster County Secrets series, and the Stoney Ridge Seasons series.  She has also written numerous nonfiction books about the Amish, including Amish Peace.  

Suzanne Woods Fisher is known for romance and hallmark twists in her previous novels and The Calling does not disappoint if you are looking for those elements.  The book is set in a unusually quiet community called Stoney Ridge. Barely out of her teens, Bethany Schrock is experiencing challenges everywhere.  Her love life is a disaster and her faith has been shaken.  Five antiquated Amish sisters have her working to the bone all summer long sorting through piles of junk in their old home.  Gorgeous Jimmy Fisher is making her absolutely crazy but she can't seem to get him off her mind.

Bethany gets wangled into taking over the local soup kitchen and creating a community garden by the ancient but crafty Amish sisters and a local guest.  Before she knew it she was in too deep and then it was too late to stop.  Throughout all this, Bethany continues to weigh heavily regarding a mystery that dated back to her childhood.  She feels like something is missing no matter how much good she does in the community. Jimmy encourages her to find the answers and she finally reveals a shocking secret.  This secret will completely break her heart.  She eventually heals and finds her internal compass that points her to the love she has been seeking all this time.

This was a really entertaining and fun book to read. I loved all the Amish references in the book. It was kind of neat because you really felt like you were part of the town.  You get a real feel for each character and see that no matter what your religious background is, no one is perfect. The Calling was an easy read that was very enjoyable at the same time.  It was interesting to see how fitting the title of her book was and how many twists and turns it might take for someone to find their true calling. That includes friends you might make along the way and more.  The romance with Bethany and Jimmy added a nice touch to the book in an appropriate way...nothing too well, you know what.  I enjoyed the book and found it easy to read. 

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The Calling Suzanne Woods Fisher

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Suzanne said...

Hi Betsy! Thanks for your review of "The Calling" and for sharing it with your readers. You were the only reviewer who noticed how well the title fit with the book! Good job! So glad we've connected. I'm sending your (awesome) blog link to my daughter. Warmly, Suzanne