Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fools Day Fun Lunchbox Ideas

Heheee...did you hear the exciting news? Dunkin Donuts just launched a brand new (teehee) line of ultra mini donuts just for kids.  I ran out and got some my little one could enjoy with her lunch. April Fools!

Since I had such a leisurely day LOL I thought I would bake a few of those luscious French style "macarons" too.  Used two mini pancakes from Whole Foods and put Hershey's spread in between the two and on the sides. Added some of the extra frosting to the top and sprinkles. She got one of those in her lunchbox too. 
Ready for my secrets: Donuts-Cheerios covered in homemade frosting and natural sprinkles. Used a toothpick to poke the hole back in after frosting. Macarons: Took two Whole Foods mini pancakes and filled with Hershey's Spread and used leftover frosting to frost it and sprinkles on top. Also opened bottom of single serving crackers and replaced with mini carrots. Gave Wholly Guacamole single for dipper. Healthy main meal included of course...special day=special treats

Enjoy your April Fool's Day!

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