Sunday, March 16, 2014

Making Hamentaschen for Purim: Holiday Baking with the Kids

We thought it would be fun to make Hamentaschen for Purim this year. We have baked them before but I think we skipped a year last year. I had so much going on with my family it was a crazy time.  Thank goodness everything is wonderful this year and I pray it continues that way.  My daughter received a great kid's cookbook a few years ago that we have We used a recipe from the Children's Jewish Holiday Kitchen by Joan Nathan. It has some great recipes that are fun for kids and adults alike.  We have made this recipe before and it is easily adaptable with your filling of choice.
She is getting so big she mostly did everything herself.  I love it...just a bit of help from mom here and there. Sifting ala Julia Child....err, I mean Joan Nathan below!
She had everything creamed, mixed and blended and we have our dough in 2 cylinders ready to be chilled. 
Next step is cutting, rolling and filling them.  Then shaping them into triangles mimicking the shape of evil Hamen's hat. A perfect treat for the Purim holiday.
Yummy and all baked up below.  I think she did an amazing job. Lots of fun too.

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