Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hill's ideal balance Pet Food #idealbalance #PetFoodCrew

Disclosure: I received Hill's ideal balance products and samples complimentary through Crowdtap in order to provide my own unbiased review and share with my friends. As always, the opinions here are my own.

A dog's health starts with good quality food like Hill's ideal balance. It is all about a healthy lifestyle! Treats are included in a healthy lifestyle for pets too.  How lucky can you get when your sweet Beau gets a big ole box of Hill's ideal balance to share with his doggie friends? We received an awesome box from Hill's and Crowdtap including the following items:

1 bag of Grain Free Natural chicken and Potato Recipe Dry Food
1 can Grain Free Braised Salmon Recipe Wet Food
1 bag Soft-Baked Naturals with Duck and Pumpkin Treats
1 Coupon Booklet with $20 in Savings
1 Hill's Ideal Balance Retractable Leash

Beau decided he wanted to share with his little friends.  His best friends are Portia and Sammie, a mom and her son. They love to play together and Bob brings them by almost every day.  It was so funny, as soon as Portia and Sammie saw the Hill's food they went kind of nutty.  They went all crazy when I opened up the treats. All three of the dogs were racing around the yard chasing after the treats. 

Bob agreed with me that Hill's Ideal Balance dog food is a high quality product. It is a grain-free dog food. Bob and his wife Teresa have switched around a few times and are pretty particular on the quality of their food. Bob liked that the treats had pumpkin in them. The dogs really seem to enjoy foods that have pumpkin and he feels like it is healthy for them. The other thing we both agreed was a good thing was that Hill's Ideal Balance food  contain no grain. We think is easier for the dogs to digest.  We both appreciate that Hill's pet food is made in the USA. I always try to support businesses that are based here. It just makes good sense.  

Beau also loves Miss Addie. She doesn't live so close so we don't get to see her as often but I decided I would share the coupons with my friend Lynn so Addie could try some of the goodies too. Lynn and I talk often so I told her about the exciting box that Beau and I received.  She was laughing when I told her Beau wanted to share the coupons with Addie so she could try some of the yummy food and delicious treats. She was excited to get the coupons though and she found the Hill's treats this week. She told me that Miss Addie really liked them and the girl's had her running all over to fetch them.  

Hill's Ideal Balance contains the perfect combination of nutrients keeps your pet's weight steady. That is important for their long term health.   At Hill's, they have a whole  team of specialized pet nutritionists who use only natural ingredients to create recipes with optimal levels of over 50 nutrients. This provides the perfect balance of nutrition for your dog's health-nothing more, nothing less. At the same time it tastes yummy so your dog will gobble it up.
If you would like to have the opportunity to sample and share other great brands you can sign up for Crowdtap yourself.  I’ve been a member of Crowdtap for several years now and there are always great opportunities for sample shares, gift cards and more.

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