Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cleopatra's Choice Pure Shea Butter for natural skin #sheabutter

Disclaimer: Shea butter is for external use only on skin and hair.


My skin is always so dry no matter what the season. I have tried so many different creams and lotions over the years. I recently heard about a simple but truly effective organic moisturizer called Shea butter.  I had always seen it as part of  ingredient lists but never thought about using it by itself or as part of DIY beauty creations. Cleopatra's Choice Shea butter is 100% organic which is wonderful.  It gives me natural relief for my dry skin too. It is unscented but you can add scent if you like or use it as a base for homemade DIY cosmetic products like body butters, lotions, creams and even conditioners too. Many people find it really works for more than dry skin and can aid conditions like psoriasis dryness, eczema and acne.  It is also a great natural option to relieve stretch marks from pregnancy.  I really wish I had known about it back then when I was pregnant...I would have used it daily!


I love that this is pure Shea butter, totally raw and unrefined. Cleopatra's Choice uses the highest quality 100% organic Shea nuts too.  This is a grade "A" ivory toned butter that can be used for skin or hair. It is a deeply moisturizing Shea butter direct from Africa.


Information about Cleopatra's Choice 100% organic shea butter 


  • Deep moisturizer for skin & hair; excellent for hair and skin health

  • Contains Vitamins A, E and F 

  •  Highly moisturizing and long lasting

  • Used by exclusive skin care experts to create DYI beauty products 

  • Perfect as a based for handcrafted soaps, lotions and even body butters 

  • One pound package-resealable and recyclable container for easy access and storage 


My thoughts on Cleopatra's Choice Pure Shea Butter:  This is a high quality Shea butter that feels wonderful on my skin. I see a big difference when I use it daily. My skin looks so much more youthful and has a bit of a glow. I am 40-something and I know it is key to moisturize, moisturize, moisturizer these days. Oh, and of course protect my skin from the sun.  I really work hard to make sure I do that every day. I like the way the shea butter feels on my skin and it is easy to work with for my DIY body butters and hand creams that I have started to make for family and friends. It is a snap to add a bit of lavender oil and you have a beautiful moisturizer that is all natural too. You can find this pure Shea Butter on Amazon so it is easy to buy and it arrives right at your door. Let me know your thoughts.

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