Sunday, July 13, 2014

San-J has Summer Holiday Grilling Season Covered with Gluten-Free Asian Inspired Recipes

Disclosure:  I received San-J sauces complimentary in order to review them.

Who doesn't love yummy tropical island flavors when you think of summer?  The big challenge is putting together recipes that cover all the different needs for your guests. No worries with San-J whether you have vegetarians, Gluten-free guests or even your more traditional Paleo visitors.  San-J has it all covered with healthy options. Bring together San’J’s blend of tasty flavors to create a memorable meal for anytime from Memorial Day to 4th of July all the way through Labor Day. You can entertain in style for all your guests and serve up tangy and tasty snacks and hot and smoky BBQ in a flash. Just kick off all your holiday entertaining with San-J’s line of gluten-free cooking sauces and NEW healthy recipes. San-J has a solid reputation in the cooking industry for their premium gluten-free Tamari soy sauce and Asian inspired cooking sauces.  Now your holiday cook-outs can come off beautifully with a variety of summer tastes and flavors.

Are you ready to fire up the grill? I sure hope so. Take a peek at  5 NEW San-J, Asian inspired recipes created by culinary nutritionist Amie Valpone. She makes clean eating and a gluten-free lifestyle simple with her quick prep and easy to cook meals. San-J has you covered with a dish for everyone, from grilled coconut and crispy shrimp to skewered beef and chicken.

Fresh Seasonal Recipes for a sizzling summer celebration:
I love how San-J sauces make me look and feel like a professional chef. I always get ooh's and aaah's with the first bite of every one of my San-J recipes and I just smile.  My friends think I spent hours with the prep but San-J makes it super easy and yummy.  I know I don't have to worry because no matter who I invite...I can make something delicious that will cover all my bases.  I have several friends that can't tolerate gluten so I always keep San-J’s gluten free sauces, including Asian BBQ, Mongolian, Szechuan, Thai Peanut and Tamari Lite in the house. Tofu in the refrigerator or some organic chicken or beef and I am ready in a flash.  My vegetable garden makes it even easier with a bounty to add to the grill anytime. 

I was excited to try the Coconut Tofu Mongolian Tacos. It sounded fun and tropical. I wanted to do with a little twist and make it a bit spicier though so I used the San-J Szechuan Sauce instead.  I added a few elements to the recipe like some Napa cabbage and scallions. Sometimes I like to shake things up a little...or a lot. My prep is above...I got a head start on things as you can see with my sliced tofu, ground nuts and coconut-egg mixture.

The tofu is cooking up nicely in my grill pan above. I was in a rush because it was a work night so my pieces weren't perfect triangles but they are going in the tacos anyway so no worries about that. It was easy to prepare, there were really only a few steps to do and several of them can be prepped ahead.  The final result tasted really yummy. My prep is above...I got a head start.  See how easy it is and how yummy it looked? It tasted just as good, you definitely should try this recipe.

Dinner was a hit tonight and I can't wait to try the other recipes with the family and friends. My mom told me she is going to try the Vegan Grilled Vegetable Quinoa this week. She liked recipes like this that she can prep ahead and grab when she is starved after the gym. You know what, me too!

San-J International or San-Jirushi was founded by the Sato family as a tamari and miso company in 1804 in Mie, Japan. Current San-J President, Takashi Sato, is an eighth-generation member of the founding family. They began brewing the first Tamari from their Henrico, Virginia, facility in 1987, continuing the 200 year tradition of Japanese brewing mastery. For more information on San-J products and to find great gluten-free recipe ideas, please visit

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