Monday, July 14, 2014

Sell Your Clothes NYC Online: Some novel ideas to make cash quickly @eBay @Influenster #ebaysellingguides #contest

Disclosure: I received an opportunity to share my knowledge with my readers via Influenster.  I am posting as part of a contest to win a prize for sharing this information.

Clothes are a hot item in the internet marketplace.  Think about it. People wear clothes all the time and everyone has way more than they need. Really. How many items do you have in your closet that you just don't wear. Things that maybe oops still have the tags on them?  People can always use a new clothes for different occasions especially if it is a fashionable color or it has an interesting design that appeals to them. Maybe that shirt didn't work out for you but it might look great on someone else! That dress maybe wasn't quite the perfect color for you but someone in LA might be searching desperately for something just like it in your size. Start out with these simple ideas and you will have be selling your clothes online in a NY second. 

First Things First
First you want to choose whether you are going to sell your own clothing, clothing for a friend or are perhaps you are making custom clothing to sell.  This is very important. How hard can it be to decide on that? Not that challenging, in fact, you might already have that part covered. Then there are two basic steps at this point. You want to sell your clothing and make a profit. Very simple and easy. You can start here at the Ebay Listing Flow to get some ideas.

Thinking Things Out
The clothing itself needs to be carefully thought out. You want to do this right and have  clothes that are well cared for and in good condition. If they are new this should not be a problem at all. You want to make sure you are sharing all the information you can about your clothes. You want to do this part well because you want the end result…to make a profit. When you are selling clothes, you are asking your buyer to wear, represent, and actually share your clothes with their own little world.  Define clearly what your clothes represent and tell them why they would want to wear it. This will get them interested and even promote social sharing. This is the key to selling. You can go to the Seller Center homepage to start yourself going.

Some Ideas to Start With
A few examples would be, “This well designed shirt provides effective wicking so that when you sweat it dries quickly and keeps you feeling comfortable during any activity,” or “Your friends will posting your amazing new casual look on their iphone with hashtags like #coolfriends #bestoutfitever so fast your head will spin.” 

Get Moving
That’s it in a nutshell. Start with a few pieces of clothing. Don’t bite off more than you can chew initially. You want a few well designed and attractive pieces and you will be successful for selling your items in the marketplace. Get cracking now and head over to the Seller Center.

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