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Dave's Killer Bread Blog Review #momsmeet @killerbread

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There is nothing like fresh, delicious bread.  Then, you have Dave’s Killer Bread which is fresh, delicious and the company works hard to do good too. Dave’s Killer Bread started out back in 2005 on the west coast. Being in the mid-Atlantic region, I had only recently heard about it and found it through my local Whole Foods.  They started out at local Farmer's Markets in the Portland, Oregon area and not suprisingly, quickly became a local favorite organic bread. Once you try it, you will know why.

Fast forward, and in less than 10 years they are the #1 best-selling organic bread in the country. All of Dave’s Killer Breads are organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and packed with killer taste and texture. This is not your typical supermarket bread.  It has an amazing taste and texture that works beautifully for sandwiches, French Toast and even in healthy recipes. You feel good buying it because there is a lot more to Dave's than just the taste.

Dave’s Killer Bread is known for its trademark explosion of seeds, delicious chewiness, and high quality ingredients. This is a company that want to more than just bake yummy bread though...they are determined to creating lasting change for the bread industry, their communities, and most especially their employees.  You have 12 varieties of delicious loaves to choose from too. You can find Dave’s Killer Bread in major grocery chains across 17 states and even parts of western Canada now.  Dave’s Killer Bread tastes delicious and each loaf is studded with seeds, ancient grains, and whole grain nutrition.  This kind of bread makes sense to me and fits perfectly into our healthy lifestyle. Even better, each slice also contains as much protein as one egg.  A loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread retails between $5.00 and $6.00 depending on where you shop.

I know some people (ahem, my husband...ahem, ahem) prefer a smoother texture.  To meet the needs of everyone, Dave’s Killer Bread even added a smooth textured 100% Whole Wheat bread to their product line recently.  So now your pickier family members can enjoy healthy loaves like the Dave's Whole Wheat with a touch of sweetness and that smooth texture they crave and require.You can still feel good about the nutrition and use any of the breads for sandwiches to French Toast or even as croutons in a cup of homemade soup.

One of the varieties I can't wait to try is Dave's Seeded Honey Wheat.  I didn't know until know that it was the first Non-GMO Project Verified honey wheat bread on the market.  Little Glamamama and I are definitely prime candidates for the 5g of fiber and protein, the sweet taste and crunchy texture of Seeded Honey Wheat. 

We tried the 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Thin-Sliced loaf. As a fitness buff, I appreciated that I can still enjoy the yummy taste and nutrition of Dave’s Killer Bread even when i really need to watch my calories which is almost all the time. I like that this is another variety loaded with grainy texture and big flavor but only 60 calories per slice.  I don't have to be deprived or feel guilty.

If you are really looking for lots of protein and fiber plus bold texture and sweet flavor you need to check out Good Seed variety of Dave’s Killer Bread.  We were able to sample this one and Little Glamamama and I both enjoyed it. Check out her lunch that I made last week with it above....she said it was delicious!  This will hit all the marks for you and your kids. I really liked it but I prefer the Thin Sliced so I can keep my own calories in check. That is the nice part that you have so many options!

The wonderful part about Dave’s Killer Bread is that you can stock up and freeze the extras. That is my busy mama tip that I always do since I don't have Whole Foods close to me.  If you are not going to eat a loaf in 7-10 days, they actually recommend freezing them. A best practice is to double bag the loaf (place the bagged loaf into a second zipper freezer bag), and you can actually freeze it for up to 3 months. I like to use a Sharpie marker to mark the date for easy reference. You can take pieces out to thaw as needed, toast directly out of the freezer, or just thaw the whole darn loaf if you have a posse in your home.

Truly, there are endless ways to enjoy Dave’s Killer Bread and your Pinterest pages are the only thing that limits your imagination!  You can enjoy a slice plain, toasted, or make a yummy hot or cold sandwich. Try some of the following delicious ideas:  Toast your bread and add your favorite topping (butter, almond butter, peanut butter, chocolate spread, cream cheeses, jam); create a cold sandwich (egg salad, chicken salad, turkey and Swiss, ham and cheddar, hummus and feta with cucumber); or whip up a hot sandwich (grilled cheese, monte cristo, tuna melt, tomato and mozzarella with fresh basil). You can make croutons too and add them to a nice Panzanella salad or a fresh homemade soup like I did. Any which way you slice it, you're gonna love Dave's Killer bread!

You can follow Dave's Killer Bread on their website, on Twitter and Facebook. I always like to follow my fave brands for all the updates and promotions. Don't forget to join Moms Meet too. It is a great way to meet other moms online, find out about new products and helpful ideas and maybe even sample some new options that you will come to love!

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