Sunday, September 7, 2014

Smiley360 Build-a-Bear Workshop Mission plus a coupon for $5 of a $25purchase @smiley360 @buildabear

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary $40 giftcard to Build-A-Bear Workshop through Smiley 360. As always, my opinions are my own.

What could be more exciting than a trip to the local Build-A-Bear Workshop at the mall? Not much!  My daughter was so excited when I told her that we were going to be able to go and she could choose from several amazing new categories of bears including a My Little Pony, Disney Princess Palace Pets or Superhero Bear. It was hard to decide between the Superhero Bears too between Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. I was surprised that there weren't any female Superhero Bears though. That would be a great addition to the collection. I always loved Wonder Woman. The other collections have female bears so hoping the female Superhero Bear is coming soon.  If you have never gone, you have to know that each visit to the Build-A-Bear Workshop is an entire exciting experience, plus you get to create and go home with a BFF bear of your choice.

Miss M decided that she was going to choose one of the Superhero Bears even before we got to the store. Once we arrived we were greeted by a friendly, young female associate. She was warm and chatted with my daughter. She directed us to the Superhero Bears and let us know she was there to help.  We took a few minutes to look around the store and check out all the new bears and accessories. She finally decided on the Batman bear. We chose a bear and located the matching black cape outfit. We debated over the shoes but decided against them since her other Build-A-Bears at home didn't have shoes. She didn't want them to get jealous!  

The sales associate brought us over by the filling machine and asked Miss M to choose a little red heart from the bin to place inside her bear. There is a whole ritual that the kids get to do with the heart before it goes inside the bear.  She started smiling when the associate gave her the instructions.  She totally remembered it from the other visits. It is very cute and you know how children love those rituals.

We had noticed there was a sound machine option but I think it wasn't available for her Batman bear since we didn't see it.  If it was available for your bear, you could choose a corresponding sound by touching the screen and hearing the sound. I think then they are able to make your bear execute that sound by inserting something into it by the paws. A cute idea...hopefully they will get it for the SuperHero Bears soon. 

So, Miss M followed the nice associates instructions with all the heart rituals before she placed it inside the bear.  So sweet! She then directed Miss M to step on the pump for the machine to help the bear fill up with stuffing. Boy, he filled up super fast.  Batman bear was then properly sewn up. Miss M loved the whole process. It's funny, she is getting older but not too old to still enjoy Build-A-Build.  Bears are fun for kids of all ages really. 

Off to the bath at this point. The associate sent us over to give Batman Bear a little bath. It was so cute. Great for the little ones to understand you must wash up before getting ready each day. 

The next stop is the dressing area.  It even has a mirror.  She had a lot of fun with that and had Batman Bear dancing away on the table after he as all dressed as the cape crusader bear.  

We moved on to create his little birth certificate and choose a name. We had the option to provide our information so that the bear could find his way home if he ever got lost (hotels, airplanes, never know!) She named her new bear Bat Bear.  She proudly toted him over to the register and asked for a home for him (a cute box with windows). The same nice female associate checked us out at the register. She was kind to my daughter and even asked her if she had started school yet and how it was going so far. We both left with big smiles on our faces. I have to say it is a special experience that is more than just that. The kids create a special friend that they can have forever so you have to consider that in the price. For about $40, she had such an amazing time.  She has been playing with that bear all week and showing him off to all her friends.  

If you are not familiar with Smiley360, you should get familiar with them. If you'd like to join Smiley360, you can do it right here. I have been a member for a number of years now.  I have gotten to review some amazing products over the years by accepting "missions" from luxurious beauty products, frozen Greek yogurts, brand name cleaning items, leading brand adult and children's medications like pain relievers and nausea remedies, gummy vitamins and more. Its all fun and interesting because sometimes I find things that I really love that I didn't know about before. I get to share my honest experiences via my blog and social networks too.  This Build a Bear Workshop mission was one of the most rewarding and fun!

Smiley360 and Build-A-Bear even included a special something for my readers and followers in my mission packet this time. A coupon HERE  for $5 off $25 at any Build-A-Bear Workshop just for you. Let me know what kind of bear YOU choose and share the fun with friends.

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