Friday, November 14, 2014

Brain Fitness Pathwords is mind bending ThinkFun game #thinkfun

We love board games. I know it sounds so old fashioned but I am as high tech as they get. Really, I am. We have our computers, iphones and ipads and enjoy using them but we have always been big fans of games that challenge the mind that are not on the grid. Both my hubby and I always enjoyed them as kids.  We started playing board games when we first got married and it never stopped.  We started playing simple board games with her when she was a tiny tot. It is totally different for your brain when you are sitting with a board game either thinking to yourself or interacting with others. This is the kind of skill that you can't learn on a computer no matter what the game you choose. I truly credit my child's early reading to all the board games and learning games we have played since she was a baby.

I have to give the credit to my mom though for the best find of all. She was the one who discovered the ThinkFun brand a number of years ago.  She picked up a few of the ThinkFun travel sized games and the little one was hooked. We discovered one of her best little friends was also a ThinkFun fan.  Her best friend has two parents that are educators who just really love the ThinkFun brand. They know good fun learning games when they see them. Birthdays and other special occasions became a good reason to buy a new ThinkFun game. Frankly, it made it easy for me because it was pretty much impossible to bomb when I chose a ThinkFun game. I actually have fun shopping for them online or in the store. Many of the ThinkFun games including the Brain Fitness Pathwords are excellent games for adults and kids to play in the car, while waiting for appointments or even to tote with you on the airplane. A better option than endless screen time for anyone young or old.  We have quite a collection and haven't been disappointed yet so I was excited to take a peek at this new fun game called Brain Fitness Pathwords.

The Brain Fitness Pathwords is a challenging game for older kids and adults. Word Search fans will really like this puzzle. I guess that is why we found it fun since we both love word searches. If you have a child 10+ who has a good vocabulary, this is a good mind exercise for them.  The manufacturer recommends 12+. The words are sometimes sophisticated so you know your child or yourself. It is pretty easy to learn though. You can start out at the beginner levels and move on up as you master each puzzle. Then you can really start challenging the mind with the different levels. You begin by selecting a challenge puzzle. Then you place the pieces onto the game grid so that the letters under each piece spell a word either forward or backward. The pieces are all different shapes and colors to make it interesting too. It sounds easier than it looks. Some of the words are really hard. Wait till you get to the more challenging levels, because not only do the grids have letters, but they have symbols that you have to incorporate into your words. This game definitely will give your mind a real workout. You have to think, think think to figure some of them out especially as you move up the levels.  Brain Fitness Pathwords comes with a Spiral-bound Challenge Booklet. It has 80 challenges ranging from Beginner to Expert so you have plenty of time to work your brain. It also comes with 8 puzzle pieces plus the instruction booklet.  Brain Fitness Pathwords is a fun brain trainer game that encourages your mind to expand and think like it never has before.  You will be surprised how much quicker your brain starts to work when you exercise it with fun games like this one.

We really liked the brain exercises combined with the educational element in the Brain Fitness Pathwords. My tween has been playing all week. She needed some encouragement at the beginning (it helps when you start at the beginner instead of moving directly to the expert levels...don't do that!) to start moving through the challenges but once she got going there was no stopping her. I love that you can play it by yourself (or the older kids can play alone).  I would definitely recommend this as a Christmas, birthday present or a special gift for any child or adult.

This is a game that is recommended for ages 12+ to adult and retails for about $19.99.
You can purchase the Brain Fitness Pathwords from ThinkFun directly or you can also pick this great game up from ThinkFun up on Amazon. Who has time anymore to run from store to store?  Not me. I love shopping online it saves me so much time.

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