Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Laser Maze Jr. is a fun game for kids and adults #thinkfun

Do you worry that your kids spend too much time with games on laptops and mobile devices? Many parents are starting to think about other options that can really be fun and challenge the mind. Consider some of the fun strategy games from ThinkFun that are perfect for one or more players. We love board games in general. Don't get me wrong....I let my child have some screen time but we have always been big on strategic board games and intellectual games. My hubby and I always enjoyed them as kids and we started playing simple board games with our tween when she was a tiny tot. It is a different mental experience when you are sitting with a board game either thinking to yourself or interacting with others and strategizing. This is the kind of skill that you can't learn on a device no matter what the game you choose and I challenge you to tell me any different. I truly credit her early reading to all the board games and learning games we have played since she was a baby.

Gramma was the one who discovered the ThinkFun brand a number of years ago.  She picked up a few of the ThinkFun travel sized games and the little one was hooked. We discovered one of her best friends was also a ThinkFun fan.  Her best friend has two parents that are educators so take that into consideration. They know quality learning games when they see them. Birthdays and other special occasions suddenly became a good reason to buy a new ThinkFun game. Frankly, it made it easy for me because it was pretty much impossible to bomb with a birthday gift when I chose a ThinkFun game. Many of the ThinkFun games including the Laser Maze are excellent games to play in the car, while waiting for appointments or even to tote with you on the airplane. A better option than endless screen time.  We have quite a collection and haven't been disappointed yet so I was excited to take a peek at this fun game called Laser Maze.   

Laser Maze Jr. uses cool red laser beams to help guide you to the rockets. Your ultimate goal in this one player game is to  get the laser beam to the rockets so you can get back to Earth. My tween has been enjoying the challenge of the differs levels. As with many Think Fun games, this one has progressively harder levels. It is funny because she forgets every time she plays a new game for the first time.  She gets really triumphant, "oh, this is an easy game." After a few levels I see her deep in thought trying to strategize to beat the next one.  It really exercises the mind! 

I love that you need to use a combination of logic and science to reflect the laser beam to the elusive rockets. You have to think about each move and carefully set up the satellite mirrors. This guides your pathway. Meanwhile, don't forget to pay mind to space rocks that block your path. You get to play a super intelligent rocket scientist to get the job done. The best part is that each time you master a level there is another one waiting that is just a tiny bit harder. My tween loves it and it gives hubby and I a challenge as well. Laser Maze Jr. is a great game that is appropriate for ages 6 to adult. It is priced about $29.99. This is a super birthday, Christmas or anytime gift.

You can pick up Laser Maze Jr. on Amazon for easy shopping anytime. 

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