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Compose Yourself Music Card Game sparks fun and creativity for kids and adults #ThinkFun

Have you had it with the computer games and phone apps these days? It is easy for the kids and even the adults to get roped into the internet but then you miss spending time together. Consider some of the fun games like this new one from ThinkFun that are perfect for one or more players. We love board games in general. Don't get me wrong....I let my child have some screen time but we have always been big on cstrategic board games, creative and intellectual games. My hubby and I always enjoyed them as kids and we started playing simple board games with our tween when she was a tiny tot. It is a different mental experience when you are sitting with a game either thinking to yourself or interacting with others. This is the kind of skill that you can't learn on a device no matter what the game you choose and I challenge you to tell me any different. I truly credit her early reading to all the board games and learning games we have played since she was a baby.

My mom discovered the ThinkFun brand years ago now.  She picked up a few of the ThinkFun travel sized games at a local toy store by her and my inquisitive little one was hooked. We discovered one of my daughter's best friends was also a ThinkFun fan.  Her best friend has two parents that are educators so take that into consideration. They know quality learning games when they see them. Birthdays and other special occasions suddenly became a good reason to buy a new ThinkFun game. Frankly, it made it easy for me because it was pretty much impossible to bomb with a birthday gift when I chose a ThinkFun game. Many ThinkFun games including this new one called Compose Yourself are excellent games to play in the car, while waiting for appointments or even to tote with you on the airplane. A better option than endless screen time.  We have quite a collection and haven't been disappointed yet so I was excited to take a peek at this fun music composer game called Compose Yourself that is available now on Amazon.   The best thing about it is that you don't need to have any musical experience at all.


Compose Yourself is a Music Card Game that comes with a set of 60 special transparent cards in mesh bag. These cards spark musical creativity in a fun way. This game lets you get creative and start writing your own music even if you have never done it before. My hubby and daughter are very musical between singing and playing the guitar, the piano and the flute so they were on board right away. It doesn't matter though because I am completely tone deaf and I had fun with it too! You begin by lining up the clear cards and before you know it you are composing music.  I suggest you register online before you start, since the registration is included with your game. That way you can choose your cards and as soon as you are done you can hear your piece played by an electronic orchestra. I love that you can go to the ThinkFun website, use the software to download an mp3, print your music or even share it with friends on your social networks. You don't need any experience either since I have none and my results were pretty cool too. 

It only took a few minutes to get started with Compose Yourself and we all had fun with it as a family. Each transparent card is has numbers printed on the front and on the back. Each numbered card represents a specific set of notes that it will play. You can experiment a little at first and try out the front and back of the cards to hear the different notes. It was really amazing to hear the songs we created. We had a really enjoyable and relaxing evening together just making music. We printed out some of our songs. My daughter has been playing on her own since we got it and having so much fun creating her own music. She especially likes that she can download some of her musical masterpieces and share it with her friends. She was thinking she can create songs for birthday's or special occasions for friends and family. I love that idea! I like that the cards are well constructed and thick so they really can't bend easily or tear. I think this novel music card game will get a lot of use over the next few years.

As I mentioned before, family game time is important to us. Compose Yourself is a little different than some of the other ThinkFun games since it is more relaxing and not your usual strategy game. I love strategy but sometimes it is fun just to relax and be creative with a game like this. Compose Yourself is nice because kids can play it together in a small group or you can work with composing a song as a family. On the other hand, kids or adults can use this by themselves to help spark the creative element of music composition too. Any way you play with Compose Yourself, it is fun.

Think Fun Compose Yourself

  • Create a world-class composition in minutes! No musical experience necessary; Invented by Philip Sheppard, world-famous composer and cellist
  • Register online to hear your composition played by an orchestra; Download an mp3, print music and share with friends and social networks
  • Includes 60 transparent Music Cards, and an exclusive website for playing and sharing your compositions
  • Inspires creativity, builds self-confidence, ignites the left and right brain, and encourages a love for music; Ages 6 to adult
  • Arrange the Music Cards into your own unique melody; Cards combine to form over a billion melodies
My tween loves this game and it gives us an opportunity to have a relaxing afternoon or evening composing music as a family and catching up with one another in a relaxing atmosphere. Compose Yourself is a great game that is appropriate for ages 6 to adult. It is priced about $14.99. This is a super birthday, Christmas or anytime gift.

You can pick up Compose Yourself er on Amazon for easy shopping anytime. 

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