Sunday, February 7, 2016

Bonapiel Sunscreen Protector Protects my skin every single day Solar Hidratante SPF-55 #Bonapiel

I am religious about protecting and caring for my skin. You can use creams, serums and oils galore but if you are out in the sun without sun protection you are doing your skin no favors. The reality is, there is no cure for skin aging. The only weapon in your arsenal is prevention. That means using a good SPF every single day to protect your skin. Of course, a variety of factors such as age, skin type and other circumstances may influence the risk of damage caused by the sun. No one is immune though no matter what the color of your skin. That is a big myth I always try to dispel. Plenty of my African American and friends with darker skin think they are protected and don't need to use skin care. Wrong. One of my African American friends is caring for her parent now who has metastatic melanoma. Myth dispelled. Premature aging of the skin, hyper-pigmentation and even skin cancer are just some of the risks. Wrinkles, crinkles and other skin maladies are others. There is a simple solution that is at your fingertip: Use adequate protection throughout the year with Bonapiel Sunscreen SPF 55.
How does Bonapiel work? It's a specialized skin care formula that provides broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Bonapiel is specifically formulated to protect against skin aging by the sun and helps to prevent hyper-pigmentation as well when used as directed. Of course nothing is 100% but SPF 55 is a very high level of protection that is effective.

Bonapiel uses nano zinc oxide and not Octinoxate which is a skin supplied physical barrier to filter UV rays. This prevents those UV rays from penetrating the skin and causing damage at the cellular level. This is exactly what you want because it helps to prevent that aging cascade. Who wants to look older before your time?  Not me!

Bonapiel sunscreen also contains a blend of Aloe Vera extracts and sunflower oil to help skin retain moisture, reduce irritation and nourish the skin. This moisturizing sunscreen is like like a gentle shield for your skin. It is easy to apply Bonapiel Sunscreen SPF 55 since it only takes a few seconds to absorb into my skin. I added it right to my regular moisturizing and makeup routine. I like to put it on and then have my coffee, it absorbs in and then I do the rest of my makeup. I feel much safer when I am going about my day. I spend so much time in the car I must have my skin protected! Of course, a smart tip is that it is always best to avoid prolonged sun exposure during the maximum sunshine hours of 10-3pm if possible.
Don't forget other simple tools you have at your fingertips too. Besides creams and sunscreen lotions, it is important to protect the facial skin with a wide-brimmed hat or colorful parasol whenever possible. Another key factor to your best skin is adequate hydration and a healthy diet. These are all vital measures to maintain skin health. Meanwhile, don't forget to pick up your Bonapiel Sunscreen SPF 55 Protector Solar Hidrante SPF 55 on Amazon for easy shopping anytime.

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