Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mantra Sports Pilates Magic Circle keeps my abs super strong #mantrasports

I have been working out for years between resistance training and Pilates so I was please to have a workout ring at home to add some new exercises to my routine. I have done  Pilates frequently with fitness balls, but I like the versatility of the ring. It is light and  is manageable but you have that added benefit of resistance. There are so many exercises you can do with it to target legs, abs and more.  You can even use it for upper body. I have been using it all week now and it performs well and has continued to hold the muscles are definitely feeling the difference.  It has been a good way to shake things up for the new year. This Magic Circle totally supports full body toning and can be part of a great core workout. I love that it includes a starter kit with the A1 Exercise Wall Chart. That is just the beginning. You can go online and find TONS more exercises to use with your Mantra Sports Pilates Magic Circle too.

Features of the Mantra Sports Pilates Magic Circle:

  • Comfortable Padding- Both inside and outside the ring. Trust me, this is key. The older rings I used at the gym only had padding outside but this one has inside and outside and your body will appreciate it and you will be more comfortable.This Pilates Ring has all-around padding. It has a comfortable grip that helps you during any Magic Circle exercise.

  • Pilates Magic Circle was designed to use anywhere even on the go. The ring is constructed of soft rubber and provides effective resistance for targeted toning and increased muscle strength. This circle works the whole body and can target tricky areas like the inner/outer thighs, upper arms, chest. It can help you strengthen the pelvic muscles. Those are important to keep strong as we age ladies.

  • This simple Pilates Magic Circle  is excellent for core, upper and even lower-body workouts. The best part is that it is light enough to pack when you travel for business or pleasure.

  • Effective for multiple fitness goals including : toning, flexibility, stretching, strength, total body workouts, core muscle training, obliques, upper body, lower body, core muscles and more 

  •  Pilates Magic Circle was truly designed for comfort. You can see and feel the sturdy foam-padded handles on the flexible 14 inch ring. It flexes and keeps the shape for exercise after exercise to give you the resistance you need. 

  • Save money on a Gym Membership and start with the Mantra Sports Pilates Magic Circle. This ring is great for at home fitness and on-the-go workouts. This is a great little tool to add to your home gym. You can take your pilates circle with  you, where you ever you go. You can bring this to work, the studio, the gym, the park for your outdoors workout or take it with you to stay in shape on vacation. 

This Mantra SuperFit Circle gives you a full body workout and lets you get toned at the same time. You can focus on conditioning your arms, abs, chest, thighs, obliques and glutes with this premium 14" customized Pilates fitness ring. The tool is the deal accessory for any Pilates, Yoga or CrossFit routine. The ring has cushion-y foam grips inside and outside. They were very comfortable any way I used them for various exercises inside my knees, ankles, thighs and with my hands, elbows and more. The cushions inside and out make a huge difference from my old time ring.

The ring comes with a bonus Poster Exercise workout guide which is a great start. This is perfect and really beneficial for any beginner, intermediate or advanced exerciser. You have great illustrated exercises to help you get started fast for improved agility, flexibility and even posture. I like that I don't need to download anything and it is right in the box ready to go. Once you have mastered all the exercises on the poster, you can go online and search and you will find even more ways to include this handy exercise ring in your workout. If you are a pro at Pilates, you will be coming up with tons of ways to incorporate it into your workouts on your own.

This Mantra Sports Pilates Magic Ring provided excellent resistance on most all of the exercises. I completed enough reps to make sure my muscles were exhausted. I will definitely keep using this ring in my Pilates routines. I like to mix it up with strength between weights, bands and my ring so this really helps me by regularly adding a few Pilates-based exercises within each of my workouts.  I like that the Magic Circle offers customized resistance. It lets me get maximum strength workouts and targets stubborn areas like thighs and abs for toning, enhanced muscle definition and body sculpting.

For me, consistency is the key to attaining fitness and training goals. I have regular workout times scheduled and really try not to vary from them. They are like a hair or nail appointment for me and I just do it. Set up a routine for yourself today and add the Mantra Sports Pilates Magic Circle for speedier results and keep it fun. You can pick up this Mantra Sport Pilates Magic Circle on Amazon for easy shopping anytime.

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