Sunday, April 3, 2016

Molecule32 is a novel facial and body care product line that restores skin and leaves it hydrated #ad #Molecule32

No matter what the season I always have dry skin. Sometimes it is more manageable than others and I keep creams and lotions everywhere to keep my hands moisturized which helps a bit. I have so many though and all of them are different formulations targeted to help this skin issue or that problem. I haven't seen a skin care lotion or a product line that really can help heal the problems from the inside out--until now.

Molecule 32 is a Pennsylvania, USA based skin care brand with a complete line of products that includes an innovative ingredient called M32 Fulvic Acid. I could not believe the level of improvement I saw in my skin when I started using this product line.  I was unfamiliar with this ingredient and what it does,  but I took a little time to read up on it. I didn't realize that M32 Fulvic is one of the most bio-active components in organic soil. Fulvic acid is one of two classes of natural acidic organic polymer that can be extracted from humus found in soil, sediment, or aquatic environments. This tiny little molecule is 2000 times smaller than a molecule of water. M32 Fulvic Acid is a small, lightweight crystalline molecule that, combined with other botanicals, has been shown to heal and recondition aging skin. I like that it helps support immediate skin care issues and it is effective as a long term option as well. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now and my dry skin is significantly improved and the itching and inflammation on my hands has calmed right down.

Molecule 32 harvests Polyfulmate® M32 fulvic Acid from ancient humidified soil at their US based labs. It is blended with organic and natural bioactive antioxidants, botanicals, herbs, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals to create skin care products that restore and refresh you from head to toe. Molecule 32 uses a patented process which allows their products and ingredients to absorb easily into skin.M32moisturizes skin totally plus it actually supports skin cell health. I can see and feel the hydration in my face and body. The reality is that my skin looks so much better.  One of the reasons is that M32 actually stimulates skin cells to restore a natural pH balance. Molecule 32 has a complete skin care line too.

The skin care line currently includes the following items:

  • Clear Face and Body Wash
  • Balance Total Hand and Body Lotion
  • Heal Face and Body Rescue Lotion
  • Quench Lip Balm SPF 15

The skin on my face tends to be drier especially coming off the winter season. I liked the convenience of using the Clear Face and Body Wash instead of two different products. It feels good on my skin and leaves it feeling healthy and clean. I have been following my evening cleansing regimen with the Heal Face and Body Rescue Lotion which absorbs quickly and doesn't get on my sheets. It has a light, almost herbal scent which I find very relaxing and soothing. I noticed that my skin was so much less itchy and dry immediately after I started using it and my skin quality has improved over the course of the last two weeks. If you have skin issues, this is going to be the option to reach for anytime too. When the skin has an outbreak, skin inflammation, shingles, sunburn, mosquito bites and hives, reach for immediate relief with Molecule32 Heal Rescue Lotion.  

Molecule 32 is a completely different skin care option that truly restores and soothes skin. Because of its nano nano size, M32 has the ability to penetrate exterior layers of the skin. This gives M32 the ability to deliver targeted anti oxidants, vitamins, nutrients and much needed hydration directly into skin cells. It truly nourishes skin cells from the inside out. The benefit is that this results in younger and healthier skin– inside and out. BPW Sciences actually has a patented process to deliver a reliable based source of Fulvic Acid that contains over 32 micro and macro nutrients. I can see and feel the difference in my skin. They even have Quench Lip Balm SPF 15 as part of the skin care line. The balm is a unique oval shape that lets me swipe and protect my lips quickly. It is soothing and protects my lips from everyday UVA and UVB rays that can irritate and dry them out.

If you are ready for a change and are tired of your skin issues like I was then you really need to give Molecule32 a try. You can buy Molecule32 online here.   Use the code “VN1” for 50% off of Molecule32 products today.  Do not forget to follow them on all your favorite social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. This is the best way to keep up with the latest updates and maybe even new products or promotions.

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