Saturday, May 14, 2016

BYB 2 in 1 Mini Camping Lantern Flashlight is great to have on hand for emergencies or everyday use #BYB

I can never have too much light or too many tools. It just can't possibly happen. I was impressed to see this mini but completely versatile flashlight and lantern arrive at my doorstep recently. This is small enough to fit in my pocket or purse but puts out a ton of bright light for any need, even an emergency. The various settings make it good for all kinds of environments and tasks too.  A few pieces of key information about this mini camping lantern:

★ Mini tiny and lightweight, Multifunctional convenience allowing you to adapt to any environment
★ Dimming switch adjusts from high, low for lighting & strobe for emergencies
★ Light Weight, Solid & Weatherproof design, essential for any outdoor & indoor activities
★ Powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries(NOT INCLUDED)

You are going to be totally rethinking how you can use a flashlight after you see this BYB 2 in 1 lantern. If you are thinking that flashlight can only be use to hang around in a corner, you got it all wrong. This  BYB 2 in 1 Mini Camping Lantern Flashlight puts out a ton of light. It has a high output 200 Lumen Cree LED Lamp built in that has with 3 adjustable modes. It's perfect for travelers, hikers, campers, hunters, missionaries, sportsmen/women and fishermen.

This versatile flashlight and lantern is waterproof, quite durable and reliable too. Tucking this little light into your pocket, purse, backpack or glove box is the best way to be certain that you have a perfect lightning all the time. It is built with a super bright lamp that boasts a superior lumen level, long beam length and remarkable beam intensity.

BYB 2 in 1 Mini Camping Lantern Flashlight is created to function as the ideal item for anybody looking for a high quality option that will last and provide the durability you want.  Don't forget to pick up AAA batteries since it is powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries that are not included. This lantern functions either as a space filling lantern or as a fine flashlight. Just choose whether you keep the frosted globe as is or slide it up or down to change from lantern to flashlight or back again.  It has a smooth operation.
The max output is 200 lumens. Height 8.15", weight: 258g. It was designed to be hung high up with the hanging loop to add light to any room or tent. It has a durable base with extendable feet for additional stability.

This is the device you want on hand during a power outage/emergency and calamity rescue or when you are looking for tools in your garage. Perfect for camping or hiking.  No worries if you develop a flat tire or have engine trouble in the middle of dark road because you have the perfect lighting tool.

You can find this handy BYB 2 in 1 Mini Camping Lantern Flashlight right on Amazon for easy shopping anytime.

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