Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Probiotics for Acne and Digestive Regularity - Next Generation Nexabiotic is a great option @brandbacker

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I have had really good success with using probiotics over the past few years. They are a staple for me when I travel and I try to take them regularly at home. I notice a difference. I recently had the opportunity to try a more targeted probiotic that was formulated by a doctor. I was impressed with the results too. Nexabiotic probiotics is one of the most advanced probiotic supplements out there. It has 23 different probiotic strains in each vegetarian capsule. That is definitely more than I have seen even in the natural food stores. It was formulated to helps support digestive health but the company has shared that many customers say it actually improves their skin health. Of course your own results may vary. I also suggest checking with your physician before starting any kind of new supplement or medication.

I do notice that I feel good when I take Nexabiotic.  My skin looks and feels much better. That was not always the case. I recently had a big corporate meeting looming before me with tons of assignments. Usually that means itching, rashes and even breakouts from the stress. It was going to be a week away all the way on the west coast. Just thinking about it made my skin itch. The timing was perfect though and Nexabiotic had just arrived on my doorstep. I started taking it right away and hoped for the best. I powered through all my work and I noticed something different after a few days. My stomach was not in an uproar like it usually is before a meeting. My hands were not getting itchy and dry and I didn't have a rash on my wrists. My face didn't break out. Well, I kept taking the Nexabiotic all through the meeting and I didn't get sick either. One of my other colleagues came home really sick. I think the probiotic support made a big difference so I will keep taking it.

Probiotics have gotten more important over the years to counteract super clean diets and changes in the eco-system like our water supply. Even if you are healthy like me, our food supply is now more processed and sterilized. If you don't eat 100% organic, then maybe even antibiotics are in some of the foods you eat. Your body systems are all connected so the results can be problematic.  Probiotics help break down food in the body and keep bad bacteria from proliferating. In the normal human gut there are over 100 trillion good bacteria. As you age or stress levels rise some of these necessary good bacteria die. Antibiotics can kill even more bacteria. Probiotics supplement the GI tract with good bacteria. Probiotic supplements have increased in popularity because they support digestive health. All of the body systems are connected though, so if your GI tract functions at peak levels, that can add a positive effect to other parts of your body like your brain and your skin. Nexabiotic was formulated to support the whole body.

Each 34.5 billion CFU dose of Nexabiotic provides your digestive tract with 23 different probiotics to support digestive balance. Nexabiotic capsules are also specially designed so that the probiotics inside survive the harsh stomach acid and get to the gut to provide the support you need. Nexabiotic probiotics were founded by a group of doctors who had the desire to revolutionize medical support and health.  Dr. Formulas and Nexabiotic want to make radical changes in the way we think about nutrition.  That is the very reason they designed these quality nutritional products. I was excited to hear that Cosmo Magazine recently recommended Nexabiotic as their probiotic of choice for acne problems. Studies have shown that probiotics can support skin health and digestive regularity and it makes sense.

You can find Nexabiotic right on Amazon for easy shopping anytime. You can find out more about Nexabiotic by going right to their website too. Let me know how it works for you.
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