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MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders are the ultimate in natural supplements for kids @momsmeet @megafood #MomsMeet #megafood

I don't know about you but it is a real piece of work to get my kid to take her vitamins and she is not a toddler. Lordy knows, it gets even more important as they get a bit older to get good nutrition in on a regular basis. I want her to have strong bones like her Gramma does when she gets older. It starts when they are young to get them built up strong. As a family, we eat a super healthy diet with tons of fresh fruit and vegetables. The reality is,  it is never a perfect world. Even if you try SO hard, like I really do, it is not possible to get in all the nutrients a body needs each day or for that matter, even each week. I really want to make sure my child gets good nutrition now so her body and mind are strong for life.

I have tried so many options with vitamins it is not even funny. This has been going on since she was a toddler. She just ends up complaining about chewing the vitamin no matter whether it is a gummy or a chewable tablet. I had really been excited when I heard that MegaFood partnered with Kauai Organic Farms, Lundberg Family Farms, and Uncle Matt’s Organic to develop kid-friendly nutrient powders because I knew that this could be my saving grace. Think about all the ways you can blend a powder into everyday items that the kids eat and drink. No more standing there making sure that they chew or swallow that vitamin. No more with the kids hiding the vitamins in those tricky places like under the couch (I caught onto that one early!) 

She loves smoothies and soups so I was already scheming right away on how to incorporate the MegaFood Kids Booster Powders into our everyday meals. These powdered vitamins are an ideal option for any kids who have difficulty swallowing, or resist taking a tableted multivitamin. Why did someone not think of this earlier?? MegaFood Kids Booster Powders are a win-win for moms, dads and the kids! You can blend them into soups like this delicious homemade vegetable and bean soup I made below--she at it and told me she loved it. Hee hee, it was full of homemade goodness plus MegaFood Boosters. Score for mom.

One issue that I always worry about is how is a new vitamin going to digest? MegaFood Kids Booster Powders are designed to be easy to digest so no worries about tummy troubles. So many children these days have dietary issues so it was nice to see that like all MegaFood supplements, MegaFood Kids Booster Powders are tested free of gluten, dairy, soy, pesticides and herbicides. That is a big relief for me because as a mom I always worry. 

One of the things I always look at is the ingredients too. Something is very different about these MegaFood Kids Booster Powders.  In complete contrast to most all other kids vitamin brands, MegaFood Nutrient Booster Powders contain NO sugars, sweeteners, flavorings, colorings or preservatives. That was a welcome surprise. My child doesn't need any more sugar so I love that. Each powder comes with a tiny scoop inside which lets you measure out a perfect serving. These are so much more convenient and flexible versus pills, tablets or gummies. The MegaFood Kids Booster Powders are perfectly blendable, mixable and hideable in any food or drink. I find that they are pretty much undetectable too so she accepts them with no grumbling.

There are three different varieties too. MegaFood has three different kinds  of Kids Nutrient Booster Powders to support the health and well-being of children five years of age and older.  Let me tell you a little about each one.

The first MegaFood Kids Booster Powder is the Kids Daily Multi. This booster promotes well-being and healthy development and it has a wonderful blend of ingredients including organic turmeric, carrots, fresh fruits and 23 essential vitamins and minerals per serving.* I really appreciate the focus on organic ingredients too. This is an essential for my child. It covers all the basis for the main vitamins I know she needs.

The second MegaFood Kids Booster Powder is the Kids Daily Immune. This booster features oranges from Uncle Matt’s Organic and elderberry & echinacea. This kids vitamin booster promotes and helps to strengthen a healthy immune response year round.* We try to be good with washing our hands regularly and eating a healthy diet but she can definitely use immune support against all the viruses that are out there between school and activities.

The third MegaFood Kids Booster Powder is the Kids Daily B-Centered. This vitamin powder features Lundberg Family Farms organic brown rice.  It is formulated with a complete spectrum of FoodState B vitamins and provides daily support for mental focus, cognitive function, and a sense of calmness.* I love that this blend supports healthy mental and physical energy levels.* Her schedule is so packed with schoolwork, sports and other activities that she needs to keep her focus and energy levels high so this is ideal for her.

Did you know that MegaFood has been around since 1973? That is a long history that shows their commitment to real food. Fresh from Farm to Powder™, you know that MegaFood is as real as it gets. Since the beginning, MegaFood has always used real food from family-owned farms to make a real difference. 

MegaFood was one of the first nutritional companies to make their FoodState vitamin and minerals from scratch starting with farm fresh whole foods. Think about all the commercial vitamins out there--this is not something you see everyday. It is no surprise that MegaFood has some of the most effective and award-winning supplements out there. They were a true pioneer in the natural products industry. 

You know that I am an ardent supporter of businesses that are based in the USA. Well, MegaFood is based in New Hampshire, USA.  MegaFood continues to innovate to meet the evolving nutritional needs of adults and children by manufacturing more than 36 individual FoodState Nutrients™ using their proprietary Slo-Food Process™. All of this happens all in their own USA based facility in New Hampshire too.

Ready to make life easier for your and your kids and sleep better at night? No more vitamin battles---yay! Think about all the ways you can add MegaFood Kids Booster Powders to your children's favorite foods. Here are some additional recipe ideas from sweet to savory.  MegaFood recommends adding one level scoop to 6-8 ounces of your child’s favorite smoothie, shake, or juice, or incorporating it into an easy, no-bake recipe for a fun treat. It is so easy to blend up a quick breakfast smoothie like I do with a frozen ripe banana, a little dairy or non-dairy nut milk, yogurt and a scoop of MegaFood. Add other fruits as desired such as a handful of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or even mango. Blend it up with your handy stick blender and you have a powerful breakfast. Alternatively, you can try treats like these peanut butter balls that I made. The recipe is on the MegaFood website. You can add raisins, cranberries or chocolate chips for an additional level of yumminess too.

You can also find out more and follow all the updates for discounts and specials offers on the MegaFood website and on their social networks.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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