Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Columbia SkinCare Probiotics Complex and Concentrate #ColumbiaSkinCare #Probiotics AD

Are you ready to try something new as part of your skin care regimen? Columbia SkinCare has recently introduced an innovative skin care product line called Columbia SkinCare Probiotics Complex which is backed by clinical trial experience. I was ready to learn more about this truly efficient product that makes skin renewal simpler. I need beautiful skin to feel good walking out the door each day. That is real for me. I was surprised to hear that Columbia is the oldest skin care company in the USA. They actually specialize in crafting therapeutic solutions for damaged skin. Their newest product line is based on the science of skin care to help support natural skin regeneration. It took 6 years of R&D to create a naturally derived SkinCare product that is different from what I have seen out there. Their formula is comprised of topical Probiotics, plant stem cells and peptides, also known as amino acids. They work synergistically to support the skins natural renewal process. 

Columbia has been innovating beauty and skin care for 145 years I am impressed with how this product looks and feels when I use it on my skin. The formula is elegant and it absorbs quickly. It almost has a silky feel as you apply it. I have been taking Probiotics for a while now and I notice the difference in my health. It makes sense that Probiotics on my skin would also have a positive effect. I like that the performance is backed by clinical trial experience. I love that the science has allowed Columbia SkinCare to develop a probiotic that is specific to the skin. I find it particularly compelling that this product will support my skin's wellness and renewal over time. I just want to have healthy, beautiful skin so this makes perfect sense. I have just started using Columbia SkinCare Probiotics Complex so I wouldn't expect overnight results. I will continue to use it and update you as I notice improvement in my skin with radiance and fine lines.

You can find Columbia SkinCare Probiotics Complex on the Columbia ProbioticsColumbia SkinCare website and learn more for yourself. If you purchase either probiotic product you will receive a complimentary moisturizing cream, a $38 value. Use code: ProbioticGift at checkout.  The Columbia SkinCare Probiotics Complex is $165 and the Columbia SkinCare Probiotics Concentrate is $190. You can also find out more by following them on Facebook/ColumbiaSkinCare

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