Saturday, March 4, 2017

Voortman Wafers are delicious and great on their own or used in delectable desserts! #VoortmanBakery #gotitfree #chickadvisor @chickadvisor

I recently had an opportunity to try several varieties of cookies from a brand that I had seen in the store but had not tried before. I didn't realize Voortman has been in the baking business since the 1950's. That is a long time. If you take a peek at their website, you can see a timeline of how the company has evolved and grown.  It is clear that they understand what consumers want and they have added cookies to their line over the years and made changes to remain successful. Recently, Voortman has been diligently working to keep the same flavorful bakery goods but tweaking their recipes to remove artificial flavors, colors and high-fructose corn syrup among other things. More than ever, Voortman cookies have a lot of good things going for them starting with the ingredients. I was excited to try four of the new recipes and I was impressed with the ingredient list.

The first cookie I tried was actually a wafer. Voortman Vanilla Wafers are a great snack or are ideal to use in recipes or sweet creations.  These are yummy, and delicious with a cup of coffee or tea as well. These cookies are delicious for a few reasons. They have a dual texture that combines crunchy and crispy with smooth and creamy. Who doesn't love that combination?? My husband and tween also loved the texture of the smooth cream blended with the crunchy wafers. Each bite was so satisfying that I found one or two cookies did the trick for me. I also find these delectable wafers delicious in simple dessert recipes like ice cream sundaes or homemade ice cream. One favorite is to blend a frozen banana with a stick blender and add a Voortman Vanilla Wafer or two for a delicious flavor and texture.

I decided to try the second cookie that was also a wafer and then move on to the other varieties. Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafers are a great snack for the kids after school with a side of strawberries and sliced bananas. My daughter actually went bananas when I set this out for her after school yesterday. Her eyes lit up when she tasted the crunchy smooth texture of the wafers. I tried one two and they are good! These are perfect with a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon for the grownups like me too.  These cookies are delicious because they actually have a dual texture that combines crunchy and crispy with smooth and creamy. Just heavenly.  The flavor is very subtle too. You can enjoy these on their own or you can even get creative with desserts. I make my own "ice cream" by blending a frozen banana with a stick blender. It is satisfying and less calories versus regular ice cream.  Add a Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafer or two for a special flavor and texture and enjoy! 

I had to go for the classic one next. Voortman Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies have a classic flavor and crunchy texture that is delicious. We tried them recently for the first time this week and I can't believe how good they are. They are not too sweet but have a great blend of oatmeal and chocolate flavor. There are just enough chips too. I don't like when the chocolate flavor is overwhelming so I found them to be a good blend.  My tween and husband also enjoyed them with a glass of milk. They are a good dunking cookie if that is your way to enjoy your treat as well.

Voortman Coconut Cookies are a simple cookie that is light and has a fresh flavor. These are perfect for a coconut lover. I enjoy coconut and I like a lighter cookie so these were a winner for me. They are not too large so one or two is the perfect end to a busy day for me. The coconut flavor is not overwhelming, but just enough to be satisfying. My tween is not a huge coconut fan but she really likes the Voortman wafers. I love to bake and I think these would be good as part of a recipe for a coconut cake or loaf bread. 

I was really happy to see that Voortman is responding to the interests of the customer. Many of us really enjoy a sweet treat here and there but we try to avoid some of the artificial stuff when possible. It is wonderful that Voortman is so responsive and is taking steps to make their products more enjoyable for everyone.  The next time you are shopping, take a peek at their brand and pick one up to share. I hear the blueberry wafers are delicious too!

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Christine Broughton said...

Great Review @Voortman Yummy Cookies #ChickAdvisor.

Glamamama said...

Thanks Christine! I was very impressed with the wonderful flavor of Voortman cookies and wafers plus the fact that they have responded to customer needs by removing artificial ingredients from their product line.