Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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It is always the season to save or to give the gift of savings. Now you can get started with a gift of stock and $5 in the account to boot. I have been an avid saver and investor for years so I was excited to partner with Stockpile to make investing easy for others to learn. It is important to be able to manage your money and starting early helps it grow. Time is on your side when you are young. On the other hand, it is never to late to start! But this time of year  means something special for a lot of high school and college grads though. Graduation is a momentous time. What do you give to commemorate the special day though? Graduation day doesn't have to mean that same old cash or gift card again. You can help your new graduate get a head start on their financial future with a Stockpile Gift investment. What IS a Stockpile investment though? This may be something new to you, so I will give you the simple explanation. Stockpile is a way you can actually gift shares of stock to someone. Is is an investment into their future. It is almost like giving them gift cards for stock. Gift shares of stock are a fantastic gift idea to help get a graduate started.

Have YOU started investing yet? You could always gift yourself shares and redeem them too. You don't have to choose you can give a gift to someone else and start investing yourself at the same time. Think about it! Are you considering a gift for a new graduate? Stockpile investments is the way to go. This is a new and easy way to start investing today online What if you are always on the go and don't have time to sit down on the computer? We know that high school and college kids are  on the move, so Stockpile has an app so that the graduate can use that to get started buying fractional shares of stock anywhere, anytime. They can buy whenever they have a few extra dollars saved up. Well, even you can download the Stockpile app to get started investing or gifting dollar stocks immediately! It really is easy to get help and start with Stockpile so you better understand investing and the stock market. It is important to understand the basics before you start investing. Stockpile has all the tools you need to understand investing and get started quickly. Stockpile is one of the easiest ways to begin investing that I have seen. It was a cinch to set up the account too.

Are you ready to get started and receive $5 of stock in your account to get started trading right away? Go to Stockpile and sign up now! You can set up your account in minutes and be on your way to investing. Hurry up though, this special offer expires July 30th, 2017. There are tons of stocks to choose from...think about it! You have your choice of 1,000's of stocks including popular choices like Apple, Facebook or even Tesla. Stockpile has all the resources you need to get started for as little as $1.00! Stockpile is the ideal spot for a rookie or an experienced investor. They even offer custodial accounts for kids and teens to let you teach them how to invest. Like I said, starting early and learning about money and investing is critical for children and teens.

You can find out more by visiting Stockpile on Twitter or learn more about options at Stockpile. Open your Stockpile account today. Let me know what you think!
In exchange for my honest and unbiased review, I received a $25 gift card to try out Stockpile. This post contains a referral link. I am not a market professional and not responsible for gains or losses that you may experience. I am not affiliated with or own an investment in any company or brand mentioned, and have no plans to do so. Securities products are not FDIC insured. Not bank guaranteed. May lose value.

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