Wednesday, July 5, 2017

RuckPack is combat nutrition for every battle, any day of the week. Re-energize anytime, anywhere. Perfect for pre-workouttoo! #RPShot2017 #fitness #nootropic #energy #focus #military #sponsored

I work out hard and I know you all do too. Sometimes it is a challenge to keep your energy up on the go. Hiking, biking, mud-runs and all, there are options but here is a really good one. RuckPack is a veteran owned and operated nutrition company. Everything that they make is manufactured right here in the USA. RuckPack is comprised of more than 20 veterans from multiple services and backgrounds. How is that for just amazing? These creative entrepreneurs had a campfire discussion about nutritional supplementation while in Afghanistan’s brutal Helmand Province some years back. That germ of an idea transformed into the Original RuckPack Energy Shot. RuckPack® Energizer Nootropic Shots are made with natural sweeteners, colors, and flavors. They taste great too. RuckPack even gives 5% of profits back to the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation and they support a number of other charities. Guess what is in the works right now? RuckPack is working on creating a virtually non-profit Veteran Discount Program. This program plans to provide all powder supplements at sub-wholesale pricing for veterans and police officers. How good is that?

So what is this Combat Nutrition For Every Battle? RuckPack is the supplement company founded on the battlefield by Special Operations Forces to help endure the rigors of war. RuckPack’s active ingredients work synergistically to promote core nutrition, improve focus and give instant energy and prolonged stamina. These supplements are not only effective for combat though...they work for everyday combat like sports, work, running around with kids. Everyone has a daily battle and these RuckPack supplements are a way to keep going strong no matter what.

Have you tried those energy shots that you found in the local health food or grocery store? I have looked at them and the ingredient lists just freak me out. I have a science and nutritional background and I have to look ingredients up. Not for me. These are a healthier alternative to those questionable energy shots. RuckPack offers a non-caffeinated and a moderately caffeinated version.  RuckPack offers tasty and effective alternatives to some of those crazy caffeine shots that currently exists within the energy shot market. RuckPack® Energizer Nootropic Shots are made with natural sweeteners, colors, and flavors. Forget those freaky ingredients in some of the energy shots you find in the stores. The RuckPack caffeinated shot even contains natural caffeine from green tea. No sucralose. No synthetic caffeine.

Plus, RuckPack® works to counter the negative effects of caffeine in other ways. These drinks contain well known natural ingredients like Theanine, for example. Theanine helps blunt caffeine’s attack on the central nervous system while improving focus. Citrulline is another ingredient. This is a vasodilator is used to counteract the vasoconstriction caused by caffeine. They also add a powerful anti-oxidant, CoQ10, to restore a benefit of coffee lost during caffeine extraction. Now you can get all the benefits of caffeine while minimizing the side effects and bolstering the cognitive benefits. These are now available in the USA, Canada and Mexico too.

You may have even heard of them before whether you have seen them on television or in your favorite magazine. RuckPack has been featured on Shark Tank, Beyond the Tank, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg Radio, Fox and Friends, Marine Times, People Magazine and more. Google even featured RuckPack in a Google Apps commercial. Check out their Shark Tank video clip:

There are great flavors too including Raspberry Grenade: This one helps you to support energy, endurance and focus with the only nutritional supplement born on the battlefield. They removed the caffeine and added a bunch of extra vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This multi-vitamin shot boasts the best non-caffeinated blend of taste, energy and focus in the market. You also have Strawberry Assault: Naturally boost energy, endurance and focus with 120mg of caffeine and a delightful strawberry flavor, this shot is the perfect blend of taste, energy and focus. Citrus Ambush: Naturally boost energy, endurance and focus with natural Caffeine, colors, and flavors. With 240mg of caffeine, this shot is maximum energy for maximum effort.

So exactly what are the Nootropic Energy Shots? Nootropics are brain food supplement that supports enhanced memory, focus, mood, motivation, and cognitive functioning. In sports, nootropics have demonstrated improvement with mind-muscle communication and coordination. RuckPack Energizers are made with the highest quality ingredients and provide lasting energy and focus. RuckPack has been formulated with powerful active ingredients designed to promote brainpower, energy, endurance, and overall health. These are a better alternative to the traditional Energy Shots
Remember that RuckPack Energizer Nootropic Shots are made with natural sweeteners, colors, and flavors. The caffeinated shot even contains natural caffeine from green tea. No sucralose. No synthetic caffeine. They have other products too and you will love the variety and flavors including Sweet Citrus Speedball, Fruit Punch Speedball 12oz drinks and Lemon Lime Refit. You can buy any of the varieties of RuckPack drinks or energy shots online. RuckPack has shared a 20% off deal just for my readers. You can go to RuckPack and use the Discount Code BB122 to save on your purchase. Let me know how they work for you!

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