Thursday, May 24, 2012

Madagascar 3 Party In Celebration of the Movie Premier June 8th

Madagascar 3 Party Coming to Theaters June 8th!!

Thanks to Children's Claritin and MomSelect,  I  recently got the opportunity to have a fun  Madagascar Movie Party.  We were sent a fantastic movie package that included both Madagascar 1 & 2 movies on DVD, adorable Popcorn containers, Madagascar tattoos and a ton of Children’s Claritin to share with guests.  It was a great opportunity for me to spend time with some of my mom friends and for the kids to relax, play some games and enjoy the movies.

This sure was a perfect time to discuss allergies as I had been working out in the garden the day of the party.  I had been sneezing and my throat was so itchy I had popped a Claritin before the party--thank goodness because it allowed me to really enjoy myself--24 hours allergy free with my Claritin too.   I love that I don't even get drowsy too!  The moms (and dads) chatted about their allergy experiences this season and everyone was excited to get the Claritin samples.  Several of the moms and dads are Claritin users themselves and their children as well.  I told them how my little one never seemed to mind taking Claritin when she had allergies either since it tasted so good!  They all agreed.

So, back to the was great because we had both a bunch of Madagascar fans including my husband who watched with the kids!  Before the movie started we let the kids color and do crafts with the free Madagascar printables from the Facebook/Claritin website out in our backyard.   We have a few big colored beach balls which they incorporated into their circus antics after they decided they needed to do some circus activities in celebration of the movie.   You can also find some additional printable Madagascar movie printable activities on the movie website here by clicking on printables.


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Alison said...

thanks for the printables! great idea. I forgot about those! looks like it was fun!