Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spring In Your Step Mom Meet Up Party

Disclosure:  I received product samples and promotional items to share through my membership with the Children's Claritin Mom Crew.  My opinions as always, are my own. 

I am thrilled to continue as a member of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew. Recently we were offered an opportunity to host a “Spring in Your Step” Mom Meet-Up. Lord only knows I need to get a spring in my step sometimes so I was hoping my friends could help me out! It is a nice opportunity to get together and chat so why not talk about how we can help our families and ourselves to stay healthy all year long.
We had plenty of snacks and beverages since I prepared everything ahead. I try to keep it simple with fresh dips, healthy crackers and veggies.  I also blended up some smoothies and made some Citrus Mint Spa Water. While we snacked we chatted about allergies.  This has been a difficult season for everyone. I was telling my sneezing marathon fave is when they happen on the highway.  Yikes...never fails. I just pray. I had the girls hysterical with laughter but it really does happen!  We also chatted about how we help our kids with allergies.  There are so many medications out there it can get confusing.  Several of the moms mentioned that they have had good luck and long-lasting relief  with Children’s Claritin.  They liked that one dose lasted 24 hours and I agreed. It is the first choice in my home as well.  We also talked about other tips for allergy season.
The moms were excited to receive a Preparedness Checklist & Tips chart to take home.  It had tips for family health and safety from top to bottom even including yard safety. I was telling them how my elderly neighbor had a huge dead fir tree that was leaning towards her bedroom.  My sweet hubby tried to talk to her about it and explain how worried he was but her hearing is not good. My hubby finally called her son in MA and told him.  The tree was removed professionally within two days. All we needed was another good storm, never mind a Superstorm Sandy and that could have been a very scary situation.
The checklist got us talking about lots of mom stuff and how we can balance better incorporating exercise, eating healthy and giving time to ourselves along with our families.  Claritin also provided an extra little gift to the moms, a handy hot/cold eye mask.  Everyone was excited about it because you can microwave it or freeze it to provide relief of a migraine or even another area of distress. It has velcro straps so it stays in place too!

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