Monday, October 14, 2013

Review of the BA STAR Holiday Red Lip Pencil Perfect for the NextPerformance

I had the opportunity to sample and review the Holiday Red Lip Pencil from BA STAR cosmetics line through my membership with BrandBacker.  As always, my opinions are my own.


I bet you have a daughter, god-daughter, niece or grandchild that is involved in theatre, dance, cheer or other performing arts.  Maybe you teach one of the performing arts. You definitely want to take a peek at BA STAR cosmetics.  Oh, those musical theatre shows.  The dance showsCheer makeup. No more scrambling for you days before the show. BA STAR has a fab line of very affordable cosmetics for you and your daughter or your students on their easy to shop website. They even do team orders! 

They have gorgeous lip pencils, lipsticks stardusts and mineral shadows in addition to mascaras, blushes and even cosmetic bags.  They have it all in one place. Save on gas and on multiple trips. What a time saver!

I was excited to get to try out a beautiful BA STAR red lip pencil and so was my daughter. It glided on very smoothly and looked bright and colorful.  A perfect color for a holiday show or performance. It stayed on for hours too...even after I drank several from my bottle of water.  She had a snack and a drink and it stayed on beautifully for her as well! I liked that it had a creamy feel but also had staying power.. It felt very comfortable on the lips.  It will be so pretty for her upcoming holiday performance.

Everything is priced right too at BA STAR.  Did you know that BA STAR is the #1 makeup for performers, dancers, & cheerleaders?  I am offering an exclusive discount for my readers so you and all your girls can get glammed up and save 50% at the same time!  Use reader discount code: BBLIPS!  BA STAR also offers free shipping on all orders $55+ and orders ship out in 24 hours so you can get your order fast.  Please note:  Discount is off the full retail price ONLY. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

They have fantastic videos that show you step by step how to achieve looks like these beautiful lips below with the BA STAR makeup.

How about your own special look for your daughter's next dance or theatre performance? 
Let me know what you think!  

***************************Post Turkey Day 48 Hour Blitz********************

BA STAR will be having a crazy 48 hour pre-holiday blowout sale next week starting Tuesday 11/26 and you get an early preview of the sale!

Makeup, Accessories & Bling will all be $2.99 each

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