Friday, October 3, 2014

Smart Fall Wardrobe Care + Cleaning Ideas from P&G Fabric Care #CareforClothing

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with One2One Network and P&G. As always my opinions are my own.

I am kind of particular fanatical about taking care of my clothes. I don't like stains and I really try to follow care instructions so my clothes stay in good condition.  That includes storing them properly (and clean!) in my cedar closet.  As it gets cooler and the seasons change, it's time to pull my trusty and beloved fall clothing out of storage and get them ready to brave the mid Atlantic chill.  A bit of help from quality P&G Fabric Care products like Tide, Downy and Bounce help make sure everything stays beautiful and smells fresh all winter

I eat healthy, work out most weeks about 4-5 times and enjoy shopping for clothes as a special reward from time to time. I love luxury clothing brands too. One caveat, even items that indicate they are washable hold up better for the long haul when you use quality detergents and softeners like Tide, Downy and Bounce. The reason is that the Acti-Lift formula found in Tide Original is designed with ingredients to help provide deep cleaning for all kinds of facbrics. This special formula even works to effectively break-up dry stains, and even provide a whiteness boost. Now I know why my mom always insisted on Tide even when the budget was tight years ago. You can really see the difference in how your clothes come out. I have had some classic luxury pieces for years from shirts to skirts and more that rotate in and out of my closet from season to season.  Tide helps keep them beautiful year after year. 

Tide helps get all your clothes clean, removes the stains and keeps them white but what is the best way to keep them soft? You have a few options and you can even use a combination depending on your personal needs. I alternate and then, sometimes use both Ultra Downy April Fresh liquid in the wash and Bounce dryer sheets depending on my mood. I just started using Ultra Downy April Fresh a few years ago. I don't know how I didn't know to use it but I didn't. I was just glad I discovered it. This wonderful liquid fabric softener provides an entire week of motion-activated freshness with just one wash...yes 7 whole days.  It is a lifesaver for my sweaty gym clothes. It makes me feel confident even through a grueling workout thanks to the Renewing Scent Pearl technology. The fresh scent just keeps going. Clothes are so much softer too no matter what the fabric after using Ultra Downy. Ultra Downy April Fresh liquid uses a special formulation with SilkTouch™ which creates that magical softness not to mention that wonderful scent.  An additional benefit is that it helps to reduce wrinkles too.

It only takes one extra second to throw a Bounce® Dryer Sheets Outdoor Fresh in the dryer and it makes a whole lot of difference. Bounce has been around since I was a little kid and I loved the scent then and still love all the options today. One little Bounce sheet softens, freshens, provides excellent static control and even helps to repel lint and hair from clothes.  So if you have kids like me who sometimes forget to throw away their tissues and leave them in the pockets...sigh...Bounce can help. The Outdoor Fresh scent makes you feel like it is summer any day of the year too.

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