Sunday, December 14, 2014

Limm Sports Armband for iPhone 6 + Samsung Galaxy S5 makes the gym or running more fun with tunes #iPhoneArmband

I love to go running and when I am not running, I am at the gym about 4 times a week. Even when I am away on business, I keep to my fitness schedule. I used to worry so much about losing or damaging my iPhone, I was a nervous nellie with protecting it. In comes the LIMM Sports Armband to take one problem right off my plate. Nothing protects my phone better than the Limm Sports Armband. I love that this band is made of high quality materials. Another great features of this band is that it is a fully adjustable armband. It allows me to enjoy all the features of my iPhone while keeping it secure, protected and accessible during a run, workout or whatever other crazy exercises I am doing that particular day. The Limm iPhone Armband is super comfortable and extremely lightweight! I am pretty petite and it totally doesn't weigh me down at all no matter what I am doing.

Limm Armband for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Product Features:

  • Access all the buttons and features on your device
  • Insert and remove device quickly and conveniently 
  • Elastic Velcro strap stays tightly and securely attached to your arm 
  • Lycra and Neoprene case is very lightweight and provides comfort 
  • Protection against heavy sweating as well as light rain 
  • Front/back screen protectors 
  • Key holder 
  • Hand-washable Access all your device's buttons and features

So many people are out there working hard to get themselves fit and healthy. Trust me, I know it is no easy task. I remember how hard I worked to lose the baby weight after my Little Glamamama was was a while back but I worked like a dog to get rid of those extra pounds.

Limm worked hard to design a great product that works well for most all of us and they wanted to share that this newest armband product has two sizes to accommodate most people. Please measure before you buy it to make sure you are choosing the right size. I am hoping it for everyone no matter what size you are. Now, don't forget...this great Limm armband works with a variety of devices including the following:  Fully adjustable armband allows you to enjoy all your device's features compatible with iPhone 6 and Samsung S5 and S4 while keeping it secure, protected and accessible during a run, workout or other exercises.

The armband is available in different strap sizes, to accommodate different arm circumferences:

-Arm Size: Average (yellow logo): Strap fits 10-3/4'' to 16-1/8'' arm circumferences
-Arm Size: Slim (green logo): Strap fits 8.8'' to 11'' arm circumferences

Armband is compatible with iPhone 6 (without a case, but might fit with a slim case).
Armband is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4 and S3 (without a case).
Armband is compatible with HTC One, Nexus 5 and Amazon Fire Phone (without a case).

You can buy the Limm Armband for iphone 6 + Samsung Galaxy on Amazon and make life a little more convenient for you too.

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