Sunday, December 14, 2014

Super Bright Rim Wheel Lights Personalized LED Colorful Wheel or Stroller Lights #bikelights

Boy, I wish these kinds of safety toys were around when I was a little kid. The minute I saw them I thought of how many different ways they could be used for fun and safety. These colorful and bright LED wheel lights provide you with 360 degree visibility. These are waterproof and rugged but also practical to keep you in high visibility. Speed Racer is rust resistant, 1100% waterproof and usable through any terrain.  Perfect for bicycles, tricycles and even jogging strollers. A great way to make sure the cars can see you no matter rain, snow or bright sun.  You can even personalize your wheel by choosing your favorite color since they come in blue, green or multi-colored.

These Speed Racer Super Bright bike lights provide excellent visibility from any angle. They were crafted for every day use no matter what the weather. The Speed Racer Super Bright Rim Wheel Lights easily attaches to the spokes of just about any bicycle, or stroller. You could use it on a bike trailer too. It can even work on a trike with larger wheels. This LED bike light is the perfect option whenever you need more visibility and some bright color.

You can light up your bike or stroller in the evening or at night with the Speed Racer LED Rim lights and you can even choose from three different styles to suit your style or preference.  They operate with the latest motion sensor LED technology. They are  durable too and provides up to 50,000 hours of lifetime.  That is a whole lot of biking time. They are super easy to install too. All I had to do was attach the LED wheel flash light to the valve stem on bike. It works beautifully on our all three of our bicycles. Fits most all bikes and strollers.

You can pick up this fun LED valve bike wheel lights on Amazon anytime day or night for convenient shopping.

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