Saturday, January 10, 2015

Majestic Lemon Essential Oil is the perfect pick me up and wonderful as aromatherapy

I love using essential oils and have a cabinet full of different scents that really help to revitalize and relax me.  I love lemon oil because it is one of my faves to use in the morning or when I am really in need of focus. It allows me to easily restore some balance and happiness to my day naturally.  There is nothing like fresh, aromatic lemon either. It is just an wonderfully scented oil direct from my best friend Mother Nature herself. Majestic makes a 100% Pure and Natural Lemon Essential Oil that is perfect for tons of uses like in aromatherapy, good health and even many different household uses. Lemon oil is just lovely fragrance that is super energizing, refreshing and uplifting.
I find that lemon essential oil really helps to energize and clear my mind. Sometimes I get so caught up in work I need to take a break. I rub a bit of my Majestic Lemon Essential oil on my temples and it perks me up. A few minutes later I feel totally revitalized. Sometimes I rub it on my wrists when I wake up to get me going faster. It really works.

Lemon oil makes a great disinfectant and antiseptic cleanser. It has inherent refreshing and cooling properties. It works quickly to clear up unpleasant odors and is a perfect air freshener. It leaves a fresh, natural scent too instead of chemicals. You can even use it to help remove gum, oil, grease spots and to help sanitize surfaces.

It's great for aromatherapy and it can even be used in many skin care recipes. I like to combine it with lavender and shea butter for a lovely body butter or hand cream. Many people also find it effective in recipes to support seasonal allergies. It can definitely help support immune system.

It is no surprise that essential oils are so popular with all the stress we have going on in our lives.  This is a premium quality lemon essential oil that is therapeutic grade, 100% natural, pure and undiluted. When I use lemon essential oil I feel like I have a natural pharmacy at my little fingertips.  You can use it in tons of different ways each and every day. 
Traditional Uses for this luxurious Lemon Essential Oil:
•Calm and relax with lemon aromatherapy
•Rub on temples to refresh a tired mind
•Rub under nostrils to ease nausea
•Cleanse oily skin
•Super immune-support
•Ease common allergy, cold symptoms
•Insect repellent

I like that this brand has superior potency and quality.  It smells natural and not too floral and definitely not like chemicals. Sometimes I will blend it with other oils as well and it mixes perfectly.  Boost your happiness naturally with an excellent true lemon essential oil product. You can buy this pure and natural Lemon Essential Oil right on Amazon and save yourself time and money.

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Rose-Marie said...

I want to try this! I like to use scented candles as a pick me up, but this is better b/c there is no harmful smoke to breathe in.