Sunday, March 22, 2015

Calf Compression Sleeves help me get a better workout at the gym or on my own #fitnessfoundations

I am one active mama between working out 4-5 days a week, work and running my teen here and there. I get tired sometimes but I know I must keep active. There is no down time never mind naps. I have to maximize all my options and get the best performance in that I can each time. I am always interested in anything that can help me optimize my workouts. Fitness Foundations shared their novel, reflective Calf Compression Sleeves with me recently and I was impressed. They come in one size which works for men and women. The company shared that these will fit anyone with calf circumferences between 11 and 16 inches. These sleeves will work for men, women and young adults up to 6' 2'' with a calf circumference between 11 and 16". My own calves are about 11'.  Just so you know they are an extremely snug fit. If you have larger calves they will be launching a XL size soon! They are supposed to be snug so it takes a minute to get them on. There is a reason for the snug fit and you will see why in a minute. These sleeves are made out of premium quality breathable spandex (20%) and nylon (80%) fabric. They have been engineered for a perfect fit.  I noticed that they also have a silicone anti-slip strap at the top to help them stay in place. 

 These calf compression sleeves actually can help you work out more vigorously and recover faster. How does this work?  These sleeves have a true 15-20 mmHg graduated compression technology that actually improves circulation during your workout. Better circulation means that more oxygen is delivered to your muscles. This improves your workout performance and I definitely have seen a difference this week. I mix it up between tough boot camp routines, spin and pilates/cardio and I felt more powerful during each one of my workouts. I was not as sore the next day either. Using these sleeves can definitely reduce the soreness you feel after working out.

Compression technology can also help to keeps your muscles warmer during workouts. Another benefit is that these kinds of compression sleeves like the ones I have been using from Fitness Foundations stabilize the lower leg muscles. This can reduce the chance for shin splints and other problematic injuries. You can use these calf compression sleeves for running, jogging, cycling, spinning, walking, tennis, CrossFit, basketball, baseball, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, or even martial arts. Whatever your sport or activity,  they are  a great addition to any workout. I have several friends that are nurses or who work in medical labs. The poor things, they are on their feet all day. I already told them about Fitness Foundations Calf Compression Sleeves since they get sore legs all the time. These are a great option for cashiers, waiters and waitresses, teachers and even frequent flyers like flight attendants.

Fitness Foundation's calf compression sleeves use true graduated compression to improve performance and reduce discomfort by stabilizing the lower leg muscles and improving blood flow. These calf sleeves feature a big bonus too...they have a reflective design that improves visibility and adds safety to any low-light workout. These feel comfortable and they help me workout harder so they are a great fitness accessory for me. I will continue to use them and recommend them to my gym friends.

You can pick up these Calf Compression Sleeves on Amazon for easy shopping anytime. 

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