Saturday, March 28, 2015

Oral Stericlean Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer #oralstericlean

You always hear all the stories and you wonder. I really try to keep my bath clean but who knows. I love the idea of a toothbrush sanitizer for my own health. Oral SteriClean UV Portable Sanitizer has been clinically shown to eradicate bacteria. That is comforting since I put my toothbrush in my mouth every single day....I want it to be as clean as it can be. This is a simple device that can help.

Oral SteriClean is manufactured in FDA registered facilities under manufacturing certifications that are specific to medical devices. They actually have to follow stricter regulations to assure safety and efficacy.  The company shared that this device has been clinically tested and proven to eradicate icky bacteria.

This great innovative product stores and sanitizes  a single toothbrush or electric head. It is durable and a perfect option for travel. This is an option that is made for children, teenagers, students, adults and even the elderly. It is a great option for healthy, ill or immuno-compromised individuals to support good living.  Oral SteriClean is the excellent UV Toothbrush Sanitizer and a cinch to use.

Oral SteriClean UV Toothbrush Sanitizers are not used just to keep our mouth healthy body healthy.  Exposure to bacteria on toothbrushes can cause bacteria to enter the body. I don't have to tell you what can happen from there. Oral SteriClean is the only sanitizer that has proven clinical efficacy.

It is so easy to use it too. Al I do is place my toothbrush in the sanitizer and close it.  The unit automatically turns on and off. It's that simple and the toothbrush is sanitized. A single toothbrush can harbor as many as 100 million bacteria. Ewwww!  The company shared nformation from the New York State Dental Journal in a 2012 article that stated, "70 % toothbrushes are heavily contaminated with microorganisms affecting our heart and making us sick."  Even the CDC noted that toothbrushes can remain contaminated with potentially pathogenic bacteria even after they have been rinsed off. Even yuckier!

Oral SteriClean is often recommended by medical and dental professionals too. I am not surprised that Oral SteriClean UV Portable Traveler Sanitizer was the stocking stuffer of 2012 and nominated for one of the best health products of 2013. It is such a simple but effective tool to keep a toothbrush clean.  Information has been published about it by Dentistry IQ, Journal RDH magazine, The Tatum Times, Bio Portfolio, and Bio Medicine. This is an FDA Listed Medical Device so you can feel more confident in the efficacy like I do.
You can pick up this Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer      on Amazon for easy shopping anytime. 

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