Thursday, March 5, 2015

Our 2015 Disney Side @Home Party with Disney Villians, cool tie-dye and mani-pedis this year #disneyside

Disclosure:  I was given the opportunity to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration from Disney Parks and Mom Select.  I received complimentary products to host the party as well.  As always, my opinions are my own.

We were so lucky again this year to have the opportunity to host another Disney Side @Home Party. How is it possible to schedule your party on a blizzard twice in two years? That is what happens when you live in the Northeast or the Mid-Atlantic region these days. So we learn to reschedule and relax a little. It is all about having fun and letting down our hair a little. 

I was thrilled to be a part of the the Disney Side family again and so was my own family. We had a ton of fun last year with our Frozen them because there was a ton of snow. What could be more fun that an @Home Celebration Party no matter what the theme?   We had an amazing Disney Villians party with moms, dads and kids all joining in on the fun.   The chilly weather had all the guests running in the door to escape the cold.  It was a happy Disney Side day in my home this past weekend. Truly it was fun to get everyone has been such a challenge this winter with all the snow.

Here is our cake making process. It was so neat to bake all the colors and decide how to set it up. 

My tween and I worked on the cake together.  She had so much fun using the easy to follow Duff Tie-Dye Cake Mix.  It was a blast and a fun way to work in measuring and following directions with mixing all the colors.  The end result came out very pretty and delicious too.  A totally new twist on a tie dyed Mickey Mouse cake that was all fun! Her friends were so impressed that she made that colorful cake and once everyone tried it they were totally wowed. It tasted almost as pretty as it looked. Several of the moms were asking where they could get it and I mentioned that I saw it just last week at Walmart...they had a huge display!

Prior to the party I cleaned the house and washed all the dish towels so everything would be fresh.  My laundry routine went super fast using the All Mighty Pacs that came in my party package.  I had not tried them before though I had used All detergents.  These are a nice innovation the eliminates the need for measuring.  Perfect for a busy mom like me who was running around prepping for a party but an easy option to get laundry done quickly anytime! 

While I was running around getting ready for the party I tucked my Wisk sample into my luggage. Wisk is a perfect option for everyday laundry but the sample is ideal for business trips and weekends away. You can always use it to wash lingerie in the sink or use the whole packet in the machine when you are traveling. 

The kids loved all the Cinderella pins...they have been seeing all the advertisements on TV so they were all scheming to get the moms to take them for the premiere. 

The kids were further scheming when they saw the luggage tags. Mary had a Disney trip already booked for June so her daughters were excited to use the tags on their luggage. They wanted to put them on right away when they got home! The other kids were asking when they could go back to Disney and it got all the moms chatting and reminiscing about previous visits.  We were discussing how different each visit is depending on the ages of the kids.  We were saying how fun it would be with some of the kids almost at that tween age where they are a little more independent but still can enjoy the little kid and big kid rides. Some of the moms and I were thinking it would be fun to do a group trip at the end of the summer.  We were considering a trip before school starts so we were going to talk more next month. 

We had some fun snacks and treats but we also had some hearty food.  I can't have people over without feeding them. My hubby made a big casserole and I made a lasagna. 

The kids had a great time with the Disney trivia too...they were so competitive.  We were laughing as they answered over one another in a race to get the answers out first. 

As things wound down I pulled out the final bit of fun. All the kids were tired from running around.  It was a good time to cool them down and work on a puzzle. I set it up on the dining room table and it worked out beautifully. The moms and I were able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and chat a bit more before they rounded up everyone to head home. It was a fun time for everyone. I sure hope we can put together a Disney might be fun to do a caravan road trip down to Florida instead of flying....that would be a real adventure that the kids would remember for all time. Nothing better than finding your Disneyside.

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