Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sommeliers Preference Wine Aerator makes a lovely gift for any wine afficianado #sommelierspreference

If you love wine like I do you probably have been looking for a good wine aerator. It can be a challenge without spending a ton of money but finding a quality option. I finally found a great one on Amazon recently. Make it simple and try the perfect Wine Aerator from Sommeliers Preference and make your life easy. Enjoy your wine to the fullest. Sommelier's Preference Wine Aerator let's you forget having to wait and wait for the wine to breathe No more waiting. This tool lets you enjoy the best wine in seconds by using the aerator. It has a beautiful classic design that is free of side vents that can cause blockage. Sometimes the most simple options are the best. This is one of those cases.

The package is totally ready for gift giving too. This aerator does not have issues with neck leaking and fits perfectly too. The  Sommeliers Preference Wine Aerator uses a multi-stage aeration process that works seamlessly and much more effectively than ones I have used previously.
Sommeliers Preferences actually uses a globally patented multi-stage apparatus to aerate the wine efficiently right as it is poured. It lets youYou experience even greater depth and range of flavor with no waiting.

This Sommeliers Preference Wine Aerator uses a unique design that actually xygenates the wine in 3 stages: First the umbrella shaped spray plate splays out the wine, then he mixture is separated further via a 32 hole Drizzle Plate. The final step has the air drawn from the top of the unit and it is infused into the mixture prior to delivery to the glass. This multi-stage aeration process allows thorough and efficient oxygenation of the wine. Tannins which give wine the bitter taste associated with un-aerated wines are softened and dissipated. In essence this Sommeliers Preference Wine Aerator provides me with a much smoother drinking experience.  The aerator provides a perfectly balanced finish while accentuating the aroma and flavor of the wine every time.

The complete Sommeliers Preference Package Includes:

  • Sommeliers Preference Wine Aerator. 
  • A superb, easy-fit aerator stand- Elegant High Class Gift Box
  • Velveteen Transportation Bag
  • Instruction Booklet. 
  • Online Mystery Bonus
  • LIFE TIME Complete Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

You can pick up this wine aerator on Amazon for easy shopping anytime. 

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